Nintendo X Capcom III: The Battle Begins Again is the sequel to Nintendo X Capcom II: Legacy, and the third installment in the Nintendo X Capcom Series, which all began with Nintendo X Capcom: Infinite. It is a fighting game by ElectricMayhem for the 3DSNES. It features alternate costumes, an online battle mode where you can play against fighters from all across the world, and a story mode for both Nintendo and Capcom.

Story Mode






Mario Mega Mario Ryu
Luigi Poltergust 4000 Chun-Li
Peach Peach Blossom Ken
Bowser Giga Bowser Guile
Wario Wario Man Blanka
Waluigi Waluigi Tennis M. Bison
Rosalina Power Star Chris Redfield
Yoshi Super Dragon Jill Valentine
Kamek Star Rain Viewtiful Joe
Donkey Kong Barrel Throw Dante
Link Triforce Slash Trish
Zelda Light Arrow Vergil
Sheik Transform Morrigan
Toon Link Windwaker Felicia
Ganon Beast Ganon Pyron
Demise Magma Flood Lilith
Pikachu Evolution Phoenix Wright
Zapdos Hyper Beam Mega Man
Mewtwo Mega Mewtwo Protoman
Terrakion Land Crush Zero
Pokemon Trainer (Emboar, Servine, Oshawott) Triple Finish Tron Bonne
Bug Catcher (Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill) Triple Finish Servbot
Samus Aran Zero Blaster Roll
Ridley Mecha Ridley Yellow Devil
Olimar Pikmin Rain Mike Haggar
Louie Bulborb March Sakura
Ness Giygas Unleashed Akuma
Lucas PK Starstorm Evil Ryu
Poo Critical Hit
R.O.B Diffusion Beam
Mr. Game and Watch Octopus
Sonic the Hedgehog Super Sonic
Knuckles Fire Knuckles
Tails Mega Fighter Jet
Big the Cat Fishing Rod Finisher
Sticks the Badger Boomerang Bombard
Little Mac K.O. Uppercut
King Hippo K.O. Uppercut
Dr. Mario Emergency Room
Black Mage Dark Vortex
Lucario Aura Sphere


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