Nintendo X Capcom II: Legacy is the sequel to Nintendo X Capcom: Infinite. The first game had only 14 playable characters (twelve default, two secret) but this one has 26 playable characters instead. The final boss is Dry Bowser instead of Master Hand, while M. Bison appears as a sub-boss. The game introduces many new fighters, as well as Final Smashes, which instead of the Smash Ball follow Capcom's classic "meter" system, but they still keep the title of "Final Smash", and some characters have the same Final Smashes from SSBB. Like other Capcom "Versus" games, in this one you can choose a team of three characters and competer against randomly chosen teams each different round.


Nintendo Final Smash Capcom Final Smash
Mario Mega Mario Ryu Evil Ryu
Luigi Poltergust 4000 Morrigan Trance
Samus Aran Zero Blaster Phoenix Wright Guilty!
Fox Barrel Roll Captain Commando Captain Sword
Donkey Kong Coconut Gun Megaman Rush Drill
Pichu Evolution Protoman Yellow Devil
Link Triforce Slash Chris Redfield Grenade Launcher
Zelda Light Arrow Jill Valentine Satellite Laser
Kirby Chef Kirby Nathan Spencer Bionic Lancer
Bowser Koopa March Chun-Li Senretsu Kyaku
Captain Falcon Hit and Run Guile Sonic Hurricane
Ness Giygas Cutman Cut Tornado
Zapdos Hyper Beam Mike Haggar Rapid Fire Fist

Italics = Unlockable


Peach's Castle Wily's Castle
Hyrule Phoenix Wright Courtroom
Dream Land Raccoon City
Konga Jungle Street Fighter Car Stage
Bowser's Caslte Quickman's Stage
Pokemon Center Megaman X Intro Stage
Happy Happyist Cult Jurassic Era Research Base
Final Destination (Final Boss Level) M. Bison's Lair (Mini-Boss Level)

Unlockable Characters

  • CAPTAIN FALCON - Unlocked by beating M. Bison as a Nintendo character.
  • NESS - Unlocked by beating Dry Bowser as a Nintendo Character.
  • ZAPDOS - Unlocked by beating Dry Bowser on Hard Mode as a Nintendo character.
  • GUILE - Unlocked by beating M. Bison as a Capcom character.
  • CUTMAN - Unlocked by beating Dry Bowser as a Capcom character.
  • MIKE HAGGAR - Unlocked by beating Dry Bowser on Hard Mode as a Capcom character.

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