Nintendo X Capcom: Infinite is a crossover fighting game featuring Nintendo and Capcom characters. This one features 12 playable fighters; six from Nintendo and six from Capcom. The final boss is Master Hand of Super Smash Bros. fame. There is two more secret characters, but the Nintendo one can only be unlocked by beating the game as a Nintendo character while, and the Capcom one by beating it as a Capcom character.


Master Hand returns, so the Nintendo heroes use a Warp Pipe and go to the Capcom universe to get help. However, some people are fighting for their own reasons!


Nintendo Capcom
Mario Ryu
Luigi M. Bison
Samus Aran Morrigan
Fox Phoenix Wright
Donkey Kong Captain Commando
Link Megaman
Zapdos (Secret Character) Protoman (Secret Character)


Italics = Nintendo, Bold = Capcom

  • Peach's Castle
  • Hyrule
  • Dream Land
  • Pokemon Center
  • - - Final Destination (boss fight) - -
  • Wily's Castle
  • Phoenix Wright Courtroom
  • Megaman X Intro Stage
  • Street Fighter Car Level

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