The Nintendo XTREME is a gaming console coming out on November 30th 2016, it will be compatible with Amiibo 2.0.

Nintendo XTREME Games

Game Name Japan Release Date American Release Date European Release Date Rating
Mario Kart Data November 30th 2016 8.5/10
Captain Toad: Minecart


November 30th 2016 9/10
Mario & Luigi: Portals November 30th 2016 8/10
Sonic XTREME November 30th 2016
Super Mario XTREME November 30th 2016
Kirby XTREME: Holiday


December 21st 2016
F-Zero: Elite Team November 30th 2016
Super Mario Sunshine 2:

Holiday Advanced

January 4th 2017
F-Zero: Attempted Flight January 28th 2017
Pac-Man: ReBoRn February 9th 2017
The Legend of Zelda:

Sacred Stones

February 9th 2017
Super Mario Maker: Expanded March 26th 2017
Paper Mario: Hammer(Name not final) April 19th 2017
Animal Crossing Open Town(Name not final) May 9th 2017
Super Mario Land 3: Forsaken Quest May 17th 2017
Splatoon: Xtreme Splat(Name not final)
Kirby and the Curse

of the Unknown

Amiibo 2.0 Quest
Star Fox: X Racer
Runbow 2: A Link of Colours -- June 7th 2017 June 6th 2017 8/10
Gear up! Attack! -- -- June 1st 2017 6/10
Captain Toad: Treasure

Tracker 2: A New Adventure

(Name not final)

Super Smash Bros Lazers
Game Run: Ancient Story

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