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Nintendo XDS
The console's logo.
Developer(s) Ω Studios, Nintendo
Manufacturer(s) Fire Fox
Product Family Nintendo XDS
Generation 9th
Storage 20 GB
Online Connectivity Nintendo Network
Release Date(s)
13th of October 2020 (Basic)

14th of November 2020 (Master) 2nd of December 2020 (Pro) 20th of December 2020 (Ultimate)

Units sold 122.7 million units
Best selling game Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo XDS (18.1 millions)
1080p HD, streaming, portable, TV connection for multiplayer, multiple controller support
Backward Compatibility GBA, DS, 3DS, New 3DS, GCN, Wii, Wii U
Predecessor Nintendo 3DS/New 3DS
The Nintendo XDS is a new console of 9th generation. Its appearence is similar to a Nintendo 3DS XL - bigger (with the screens being: top = 5.68 in, bottom = 4.98 in). Its main feature is the portable/home console feature. It was developed by Nintendo and Ω Studios and manufactured by Fire Fox.


The Nint

System Applications


Game eShop Description Developers
Super Mario Galaxy 3: Star Maze Princess Peach has been kidnapped - again! This time around, Bowser has destroyed the whole energy source of the universe, the Star Maze. Embark on a quest of epic proportions as you collect Stars and Grand Stars to restore the Star Maze and defeat Bowser. Let's-a-go, shall we? Ω Studios, Nintendo EAD
Luigi's Mansion 1+2 HD

A remastered edition of two games that have made Luigi a ghost-hunter hero! In both games, Luigi must catch all sorts of ghosts and spirits in several spooky places, like haunted mansions and abandoned mines. New elements have been added or reworked in both games, all in awesome HD graphics!

Ω Studios, Next Level Games
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door HD ... Ω Studios, Nintendo EAD, Intelligent Systems
Mario & Luigi RPG 5: Battle of the Cosmos ... Ω Studios, alphaDream, Good-Feel
Mario Kart 9 X-TREME ... Ω Studios, Nintendo EAD
Mario Party SUPER DELUXE ... Ω Studios, Nintendo EAD
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo XDS ... Ω Studios, Project Sora Ltd., HAL Lab.
The Legend of Zelda XDS (tentative title) ... Ω Studios, Nintendo EAD
The Legend of Zelda: Anniversary Collection (Promotional Disc) ... Ω Studios, Nintendo EAD
The Legend of Zelda: The 4-Season Rod ... Ω Studios, Nintendo EAD
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Master Quest Ω Studios, Nintendo EAD
The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors III ... Ω Studios, Team Ninja, Tecmo Koei
Kirby XDS (tentative title) ...

Ω Studios, HAL Lab., alphaDream

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror HD ... Ω Studios, HAL Lab., Flagship, alphaDream
Kirby's Return to Dream Land HD ... Ω Studios, HAL Lab., Flagship, alphaDream
Kirby: Dream Land Warriors ... Ω Studios, HAL Lab., alphaDream, Team Ninja
Pokémon Temporal Diamond & Spacial Pearl ... Ω Studios, Game Freak
Pokémon Creation & Destruction & Transformation Versions ... Ω Studios, Game Freak
Metroid: Project H.A.V.O.C. ... Ω Studios, Nintendo EAD, Intelligent Systems
Metroid Prime 4: Rebirth ... Ω Studios, Retro Studios
Kid Icarus: Vengeance ... Ω Studios, Project Sora Ltd.
... ... ...
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... ... ...
Minecraft: XDS Edition It's real! Minecraft: XDS Edition is real, and with all-new features to make this one stand out from the rest! New blocks, new mobs, new game modes... there's a lot more to explore in Minecraft: XDS Edition! Plus, enjoy over 8 resource packs based on various Nintendo franchises, and over 5 resource packs based on anything else! Ω Studios, Mojang


System Inclusion Other Inclusions


  • Ironically, the console came out GameZ Inc.'s boss's birthday.