Nintendo x-over Clash is a new character mash up like the SSB series, but is an RPG, in similar vein as Namco X Capcom and Project X Zone. The basic plot is that Nintendo characters team up to defeat a new threat to the entire Nintendo universe.


The gameplay has main modes: Roam and Battle.


Roam mode allows a unit to move around the stage, using their Action Circle to fight, open chests, e.c.t. While in this mode, Battle mode can start.

Action Circle

The Action Circle is has extra effects that can that affect Battle mode:

  • If a allied unit is inside the Action Circle, they can support the other unit in Battle mode
  • If mutiple enemy units are inside the Action circle, a more powerful multi-attack will start in Battle mode


In battles, units have 5 normal attacks, a Multi Target Attack, and a Finale Attack. A Finale Attack can oly be achived if the unit has egnouth Power Energy to activate it.

More to be added

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