The Nintendo Wristshot is a game system released in March 2009, it was developed through a partnership between Nintendo and Magmoor Games inc.

Physical Description

The Wristshot resembles a wristwatch with a larger screen, and an extra panel featuring a control pad, and A and B buttons, and a small mic in the center. A small slot is located on the side to insert the data discs, and it has a adjustable wrist strap.



This system's games's data is stored on small discs that are 1 inch in diameter, these discs fit in the slot on the side of the system.


It uses standard 16 bit graphics (Super Nintendo style).

Wired Connections

It can connect to another Wristshot for VS. play on some games.


The following accessories were released or will be released for the system:

  • Connection Cable: Allows connection to other Wristshots
  • Kwikshot Camera: Attaches to the system, allowing it to serve as a camera
  • Kwikprint Printer: Attaches to the system, allowing it to serve as a printer, it can connect at the same time as the camera, allowing you to print your pictures.
  • Kwikscan: Attaches to the system, allows the player to scan special Kwikscan Cards, only works with Kard Battles Series games

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