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Nintendo World Rally
Developer(s) Hex(agon)ible Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
Sometime in 2024
Battle,Time trial,Offline championship and Online championship
Age Rating(s)
Rated E (5+)
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Download


Do not ever edit this page unless you have permission to me.You can only edit when there is grammar/spelling errors.Remember,no vandalizing!When I am away,dont do anything bad to my page.Im now rewriting capitalization meaning later,much of my spellings are perfect.

To prevent the deletion while im away disaster,make sure that other users don't do anything bad when im away.


Nintendo World Rally(a.k.a:Nintendo World Racing),NWR as the acronym of Nintendo world rally/racing is a racing game only available to PC.This game is similar to Mario Kart Games,mostly MKWii(custom tracks,play online).This game includes retro,and custom Tracks like Fatal,from F-Zero and Coconut Mall,from MKwii(Mario kart Wii)

Social interface


You could log in or register in the game to create your account.Or if you do not,you will be a guest.


Guests are created when you do not log in or register.

Your guest name will be:Guest (Guest Id).(Remember,every guest name is a Proper compound noun.)

(Guests such as Guest 554 or Guest 1386.)

Guests are locked to chat,custom track editor and friend adding.


Normal user

Normal users are created when you register a new account.They can do anything,(Except moderating or using moderator's powers.)

When children who is below 11 years old creates a user,their chat type is set to White list) and disabling friend adding making privacy on.

WHITE LIST=In chat,all Bad words and removed and filtered by the white list.

BLACK LIST=All words are enabled.More possiblity to be banned.(More possibility=Synonym of More easier and More common)


Moderators are only selected by the crew and the employees of the game.

Moderators can ban users.A moderator can select number of days,months or years to ban how many days that the user is banned.If a moderator is banned from a User who hacked it,The moderator is unbanned when an admin unbanned it.


Admins can unban Moderator or sending a message for the users and moderators..Admins cannot be banned.They can also add messages(Such as Cinco de Mayo Videos.)

User Effects


Bans make a user locked out to play.Bans are created by moderators.

The ban levels are: Message bans:

Reminder:Sended as a Message.Telling be not to be bad.

Warning:Sended as a Message.As your last strike before being Banned.

Normal Ban:

12hr Ban-Being bad.
1 day Ban-Being bad.
3-8 day Ban-Being almost very bad.
9-18 day Ban-Being almost very bad.
19-30 day Ban-Being very bad.
4–12 months-Being almost extremely bad.
1-5 Years-Being very almost extremely bad.
Terminated-Being extremely bad.
Ip Ban-Being too much bad.

Double Account Ban-Bans 2 bccounts with their same banned email address.

Banning a user is caused by

-Hacking or cheating in 1 place.

-Saying bad words on times.

-Stalking someone.

-Saying adult/inappropriate content to children/users.

-Making offensive comments.

-Making offensive race tracks with offensive decorations.

Levels and Xp gaining

You could get Xp from Racing,or Collecting your Daily

Daily Bonus

Everyday,Collect your Daily Bonus,Or Else,You go back To Day 01.

Below there is the Daily bonus you will have on the Left side,and the other one in the Right side is the Daily spree,meaning completing daily 1 week in a 7 multiplied in a row.Each spree is getting harder to finish because these days reset and back to 0,however,you move on to the next spree.(For example:You completed spree 1 after 7 days in a row,then you need another 14 days in a row to complete spree 2.)If you completed the last spree(Spree 7),you will go back to spree 1 and rewards are doubled but before that,a really good prize will be given to you,and prizes are given after 1 spree completion.Prizes are doubled when you complete Spree 7 with the rewards are doubled.

Day 01:20 Xp,2 Tickets                            Spree 1:Getting Daily bonus in 7 days without breaking:135 xp,70 tickets,10 coins
Day 02:40 Xp,8 Tickets                            Spree 2:Getting Daily bonus in 14 days without breaking:150 xp,100 tickets,15 coins
Day 03:64 Xp,18 Tickets,1 Coin                    Spree 3:Getting Daily bonus in 21 days without breaking:220 xp,150 tickets,28 coins
Day 04:80 Xp 28 Tickets,2 Coins                   Spree 4:Getting Daily bonus in 28 days without breaking:290 xp,235 tickets,35 coins
Day 05:95 Xp 36 Tickets,3 Coins                   Spree 5:Getting daily bonus in 35 days without breaking:350 xp,300 tickets,50 coins
Day 06:110 Xp 45 Tickets,4 Coins                  Spree 6:Getting daily bonus in 42 days without breaking:500 xp,700 tickets,100 coins
Day 07:120 Xp 50 Tickets,5 Coins.                 Spree 7:Getting daily bonus in 48 days without breaking:1300 xp,1900 tickets,350 coins


Levels need Xp to level Up.Leveling up is important to unlock new race tracks,race cars,new features and shop items.The maximum Level is 999.

Here is the list of XP needed through levels:

Level Needed xp to next level

01    100

02    120

03    140

04    160

05    180

06    210

07    240

08    270

09    300

10    330

11    370

12    410

13    450

14    490

15    530

16    580

17    630

18    680

19    730

20    780

21    840

22    910

23    970

24    1045

25    1155

26    1290

27    1425

28    1680

29    1900

30    2370





Characters and karts

New things here is combination of 1 character and 1 Kart.

Living+Nonliving fusion(Character+Kart fusion)

These Fusions are very important to start your race.As you select a kart and a character,The Computer will add the size to get the total size.

The table below is the speed of total weight values.(Incomplete)

Land-water and air is speed.

5-Very Fast



2-Below Average


Total weight Land Water Air
17(Minimum) 3.5


18 3.6 3.9 4.9
19 3.7 3.8 4.9
20 3.8 3.7 4.8
21 3.9 3.6 4.8
22 4.0 3.5 4.7
23 4.0 3.4 4.7
24 4.1 3.3 4.7
25 4.1 3.2 4.6
26 4.1 3.1 4.6
27 4.2 3.0 4.6
28 4.2 2.85 4.5
29 4.2 2.6 4.5
30 4.2 2.45 4.5
31 4.3 2.30 4.4
32 4.3 2.15 4.4
33 4.3 2.00 4.4
34 4.3 2.00 4.4
35 4.3 2.00 4.3
36 4.4 2.00 4.3
37 4.4 2.00 4.3
38 4.4 1.95 4.3
39 4.45 1.9 4.2
40 4.5 1.87 4.2
41 4.6 1.87 4.2
42 4.7 1.81 4.1
43 4.8 1.81 4.1
44 4.9 1.78 4.1
45 5.0 1.75 4.0
46 4.8 1.9 4.12
47 4.7 2.1 4.15
48 4.6 2.3 4.18


I.Animalia characters(A-ni-mal-li-ya ka-rakt-ters)(Not humans)

Character Size Bonus Powerup Powerup effect

Powerup reload time


Red Toad 18 Fire-bomb! Bombs are thrown away by the toad to hurt someone. 01:00
Orange Toad 20 Hot-rock rampage! Meteors will be summoned by the toad to release shockwaves causing nearby racers to the rock to be shocked. 01:15
Yellow Toad 14 Lightning strike! A lightning gun will fire a lightning to the desired target.The racer who will be hit by the lightning will be shocked and electrify other racers by throwing the lightning away.If a lightning hits a metal,it will shock players that touches it for 10 seconds. 00:55
Lime Toad 16 Poison Lightning! A Poison lightning gun will fire a poisoned lightning to the desired target.The racer who will be hit by the Poison lightning will be shocked and poisoned,causing it to throw the lightning and a poison fireball.Similar to the yellow toad's power,it can cause the metal walls to be electrified but with poison and lasts for 25 seconds. 01:30
Green Toad 13 Poison Fireballs! A poison gun will fire a poisoned fireball to the desired target.The racer who will be hit by the Poison fireball will be poisoned and burned. 01:05
Blue Toad 15 Freeze ray! A Freeze gun will fire a freeze ray to the desired target.The racer who will be hit by the Freeze ray will be frozen for 8 seconds and the ray will also spread to nearby racers. 00:36
Violet toad 12 Confusion gas! A Confusion potion will spread the Confusion gas to the nearby players.If a player touches the gas,the controls will be jumbled and slower speed,which lasts for 10 seconds while the gas will last for 24 seconds. 1:45
Toadette 17 Scratchy hearts! Toadette will make a kiss and blow out 5 hearts that home a nearby player.If a player touches the heart,the player will lose 1 mini-life while being scratched by ants.Each heart will last for 15 seconds. 01:00
Normal Toad 19 Attraction! The toad will use a grapple to be attracted or attracting someone in the desired target. 00:30
Goomba 15 Giant goomba! The car will turn into a Giant goomba.This Giant goomba stomps racers causing them to stop for 5 seconds and losing 1 mini-life.The Giant goomba lasts for 10 seconds. 01:25
Koopa troopa 16 Parakoopa revenge! The koopa will turn into a Parakoopa and the car will fly too however,it flies slowly.In this state,the Parakoopa can release beetles to hurt other players and losing 1 mini-life.
Wiggler 23 Angry stomping! The car will turn into an Angry Wiggler.The ability of this one is similar to giant goomba but with the Wiggler instead.
Red Yoshi 20 Speed montage! The Yoshi will make the kart faster for 9 seconds and will turn Dark Red.
Orange Yoshi 22 Fire-speed! The Yoshi will make the kart faster in a fiery way.Fire is spawned as shield around the racer,which causes racers who touch it is burning in fire and lose 2 mini-lives.This powerup lasts for 8 seconds.
Yellow Yoshi 18 Blackout and a Bulb!

The yoshi will blackout the pathways around the track except the Yoshi who activated it.The yoshi will be a Bulb Yoshi for 10 seconds.Everyone's track map is going to be completely black except the Yoshi who activated it but can't look at the other racer's position on the map.

Green Yoshi 19 Kart Digestion! The yoshi will release the tongue and eat to the desired target.This will kill the Digested racer instantly,so racers should use boosts to avoid it.Only 1 tongue will be released before reloading.
Blue Yoshi 17 Plasma Shield! The yoshi will make a Blue colored plasma shield around it.Racers who goes contact with it is shocked and lose 1 mini-life.This shield lasts for 35 seconds.
Violet Yoshi 18 Dark matter Laser!(Not deadly) The yoshi will shoot Darkmatter lasers by the Darkmatter gun.Racers who touches the laser will lose 2 mini-lives.The gun can only shoot 1 laser per racer and shoot 4 lasers per use.The Player can cancel it by clicking the Cancel button,and it will be reloaded.
Black Yoshi 20 Kinetic attraction The Kart will be attracted to the road and this is used to avoid to be sucked to a black hole.This lasts for 12 seconds.
Morton koopa 25 Mortar shot! The player will activate the Mortar to shoot out Mortar balls causing shockwaves to be released.Players are shocked nearby it.
Roy koopa 26 Pink sunbeam! The player's glasses will detect sunbeams and bounce them to form a Pink sunbeam.When some racers touch the beam,they will lose 3 mini-lives.
Larry koopa 24 Ungood magic! The player will make magic by the magic wand.The Magic wand will shoot toxins to the air.The Toxin gas harms other racers to lose them 2 mini-lives.The gas lasts for 15 seconds.
Iggy koopa 23 Mini-Spikeballs! The player will throw Mini-spikeballs to harm other racers by thorning them.Only 4 spikeballs will be shot on 1 set of shooting time.A harmed player can only be hit by maximum of 2 balls.This spikeball loses 2 mini-lives to other racers who touch it.


Types of Karts/Vehicles

1.Light Karts:Light karts are the karts that has low weight.If you add a heavy character(E.g:Donkey kong) to a light kart,the total weight is High.

Light kart's Size range is only ranging from 5(Minimum range) to 22.

Examples below:

Kart name Picture

A(starting kart) or

B(unlockable kart)?


by:(Only for unlockable karts)

Fungo 1500 A N/A 22
Fungo 2000 A N/A 21
Fungo 2440 B Complete Mushroom cup in Easy Difficulty. 19
Fungo 3000 B Complete Mushroom cup in Average Difficulty. 15
Fungo 3260 B Complete Mushroom cup in Hard Difficulty. 12
Fungo 3600 B Complete all 3 difficulties in 1st place in Mushroom Cup. 10
Lakospir I A N/A 20
Lakospir II B Complete Air Cup in Easy difficulty. 18
Lakospir III B Complete Air cup in Medium difficulty. 14
Lakospir IV B Complete Air cup In Hard difficulty. 10



B Complete all 3 difficulties in 1st place in Air cup . 7
Blue bolt I A Complete Bolt cup in Easy difficulty. 20.5

2.Average karts

Average karts are karts that have an average size,which ranges from 23 to 32.They are best to use with medium characters(Such as Lubba.).

3.Heavy karts

The Heavy karts are the heaviest of all 3 Kart size types and it ranges from 33 to 45(Maximum).Best to use with lighter characters in underwater levels(Characters such as Giant Wiggler/Caterpillar).



(Coming soon)


Weapons are special type of item to beat other racers but they need reloads to shoot.

TAKE NOTE:These guns do not release blood!

Gun name Reload  time: Damage Can be buyed for:
Minutes Seconds Coins
Shockshoot 0 20 20 50 12
Metal shooter 15


TYPE 1: Arrow keys

Up -Accelerate.


Left-Move to the left.

Right-Move to the right.

TYPE 2: Letters



A-Move to the left.

D-Move to the right.


Health meter

Mini-lives are sections of a health meter.There are 5 mini-lives in 1 set.If it reaches 0,it will shatter and a Team fortress 2 losing sound like will be heard.

5 sections is the normal Maximum Mini-lives.

It changes color each number left.

5 is Cyan,4 is Green,3 is yellow,2 is orange and 1 is red.

Hpmeters1 to 5

Hp meters from 1 to 5.

Mini-up mushrooms are powerups that gives another set of Mini-lives and set the maximum Mini-lives to 10 until it reaches 5.

10 is Pink ,9 is Lavender, 8 is Purple ,7 is Violet and 6 is Blue.

If it reaches 5,the extra meter will be completely black until another Hp mushroom is activated.,but no sound will be heard.

Map structures


(ex.Ah-ah la-va)= Pronounciation of the word.


Lava is a fiery liquid that can rise up to a very high temperature,causing players who touch it lose 1 Mini-life.

Lava is divided to 2 types:Aa and Pahoehoe.

Aa lava(Ah-ah la-va)

Aa lava is the most common type of lava.Aa lava are a type of lava that has the color yellow to orange.Aa lava can lose 2 Mini-lives to the player who touched it as it makes fire to him/her when he/she touches it.Most volcanic race tracks have this,but not that only!

Pahoehoe lava(Pa-hoy-hoy la-va)

Pahoehoe lava is another type of lava that has the color grey to light grey.Its different from Aa lava because it makes the player only lose 1 Mini-life,Slower than Aa lava and Having Grey shade than the normal Aa Orange shade.

II.Dark matter liquids

Dark matter liquids are dangerous stable liquids that kill the player on time,which was introduced in the Dark matter plant(SMG)

Here,If they touch this,They are disqualified on the race track,but don't worry,if you are in Offline championship mode,you can still move to the next track,but you don't get points.

III.No-Oxygen zone

No-Oxygen zone is a new hazard in this game as all characters need oxygen,based on the Respiratory system of animals.Oxygen meter is a new feature in this game that measures like a Spirometer.This O2 meter measures how Oxygen is there in the character.

The Oxygen meter is divided into parts:The Meter Background,Collector tube and the Measurer.

The Meter background serves as the division of Oxygen condition,From Hypooxia(Low Oxygen)(Lowest) to  Hyperoxia(High Oxygen)(Highest).

Arrangement below:

VERY HIGH Hyperoxia
VERY LOW Hypooxia

The No-Oxygen zone can deplete the meter and shatter it,causing death to the character.

Race tracks

Hint:[Race track eg.Meringue tops] = New track

[Race track eg.Funhouse of terror](Retro) = Retro track

[Race track eg.Fatal](Retro) (Custom) = Retro track,but created by someone in a game(Except Nintendo World Rally.)

Race Mode

Offline Championship/Time trial Pack I and II

The game's cups are increased to 10 normal cups and 8 retro cups.

Unlike most Mario kart games,Every cup has 10 tracks each instead of the Normal 4 or 5 meaning,there will be 180 Offline championship tracks.

Cup Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7 Stage 8 Stage 9 Stage 10
Mushroom cup Mushroom road Peach castle Toad village Acorn valley Kingdom plaza DK jungle Vanilla chaos Pinna loop Swooper forest The Golden peaks
Flower cup Plant Zero Good eggs,Bad eggs Mojo's inside way Factory plant Black holes in your sights Krem-luted factory Pac-mazing labyrinth Topman's fortress The Prince's Triangle Crystalizing Pooka dungeon
Air cup Metroid starship Porygon port Palace Tetris Shy guy Aa Mountain  Shattering Tetris Pahoehoe desert Mega-Metropolitan skyline Chocolate valley Starship 1337 Delfino highway
Feather cup Poke-city U highway Cosmic gravity Constellation glacier Cheep-cheep paradise Meringue maniac Corneria road I Corneria road II Corneria road III Starfox universal highway
Bolt cup Crossing animalia Around the Ghost house The Beauty and the Earth Kremisphere islands The Galactic champ:SMG2 The Distant terrain(Normal) Koppai adventures The Distant terrain(Seasonal) Cyrokinetic observing mountain Rainbow road I
Star cup Kipuka natural resort Rainbow road II Gradius galactic station Astrological tissues Viper-British trails Krypton Worm Kinetic Battleships Aurorae Coaster The Frozen outer space Ductus Amethysta
Fire cup Extractor deserts Oranged Noble highway Dimensional Zeppelin
Ice cup
Special cup
Galactic cup

In Retro/Retro modified tracks:

  • The audio of the Super circuit tracks are remastered this time.
  • In Lakeside park,the volcanoes erupt after 135 seconds instead on the 2nd lap.When this activates,A danger sign will appear and it will say:VOLCANIC ERUPTION DETECTED,ERUPTION IN 3,2,1,0!The music will change when it starts erupting.
  • In the Superstar cup,the gameplay will be different from the GP arcade version because:There is no limited time for each course and it plays on PC instead of Arcade.
Cup Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4  Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7 Stage 8 Stage 9 Stage 10
Shell cup(SNES TRACKS) Mario circuit I,II and III

Donut plains I and II


Mario circuit fused


Ghost valley fused

Koopa beach fused Chocolate island fused Donut plains fused

Vanilla eight

Vanilla Eight(Vanilla lake I and II)

Koopalings' Lava castle Rainbow road extended(SNES)

Brothers-peach circuit

Brother-Princess circuit(Mario circuit,Peach circuit and Luigi circuit

Cheep-shyguy waterfront

Cheep-Shy guy Waterfront(Cheep-cheep island and Shy guy beach)

Lakeside park Riverside park Sandy run(Yoshi desert and Sunset wilds) Ribbon road Snow land Cheese land Bowser castle full Rainbow road extended(GBA)
Sunshine cup(NINTENDO 64 TRACKS) Brothers 64 circuit(Mario circuit and Luigi circuit) Koopa troopa beach Kalimari Desert
Poison cup(DS TRACKS)
Brick cup(WII TRACKS)
Planetary cup(3DS 7 TRACKS)
Superstar cup(ARCADE GP 2 TRACKS)
Unlocked at Lvl: 01 04 09 14 23 31 38 41 45 47 50 55 59 64 69 71 75 79 82 87 93 99 105 119 128 139 153
Track name: Mario Stadium Mute City I(Retro) Big Blue I(Retro) Mountainside Lake Banshee Boardwalk(Retro) Wario Stadium Bulborb forest Pokey Canyon Wiggler Paradise Sparkling Lake
Track name: Peach's Castle Everfrost peak(Retro) Delfino Plaza(Retro) Meringue Tops Mute City II(Retro) Fatal(Retro)(Custom) Haunted woods(Retro) Death Wind I(Retro) Grumble Volcano(Retro) Mine Cliff
Track name: Toad Village Riverside park(Retro) Kalimari Desert(Retro) Airship Fortress(Retro) Dino Plains Delfino highway Big Blue II(Retro) Mute City III(Retro)
Track name: Ancient Tribal Luigi Circuitway I Autumn Slope Royal Raceway(Retro) Funhouse of terror(Retro) The Castle of doom Big blue I and II Mute city X
Track name: Dk Jungle Double Peaks Moo Moo Farm(Retro) Hot top Volcano(Retro) Donut plains fusion Thumpy lab of darkness Lakeside park(Retro)
Track name: Riverside Forest Factory Plant Peach Beach(Retro) Soda Highway Cardio-galaxy Siezure corridors
Track name Acorn Valley Baby Park(Retro) Jungle Falls(Retro) Subteranean pathway Pahoehoe Desert
Track name: Kingdom Plaza Ancient Lake(Retro) Fossil Canyon(Retro) Chillton Underground
Track name:



Battle Mode

(Coming soon)


I.Meteos DLC pack - Can be spent by 400 Mini-coins

This gives off battle tracks and some Race tracks based on Meteos games such as The ark and Geolyte archipelago.It introduces the characters from Meteos as obstacles! and a new powerup is here,The Exploding Meteos and Meteos Crush!

II.The Big bang DLC Pack - Can be spent by 1200 mini-coins

Fireworks,Enemies and more! Drive through the air with the popping fireworks and the flying enemies! From the Big bang in DS,fireworkd are everywhere in this DLC.And one more is that gives you the power in each track!

Stage #(Bottom)DLC PACK(Right) I.Meteos DLC pack

Meteos:Based on planet:

II.The Big bang DLC pack
1 The Ark The Ark Hong kong
2 Geolyte archipelago Geolyte  Aurora
3 Anasaze's Mars Anasaze Kamakura
4 Cloaking circle Bavoom Luxor
5 Infinity battle-ity Lastar Savannah
6 Tropospheric clouds Yooj New York
7 Crescent Wuud Wuud Rio de Janiero
8 Powerhungry Jungle Boggob Paris
9 Vubble bubble Vubble Abyss
10 Flory chlorophyll Florias B.O.S.S
11 Flaming cube Hotted
12 Cosmic Cavern Cavious
13 Illusion darkness Layazero
14 Underwater Oleana Oleana
15 The 2 moons Luna=luna
16 Blurry rainbow Brabbit
17 The Frozen Cove Freaze
18 Mid-point canyon Dawndus
19 Wiring storm! Wiral
20 Cybermekaniks fight Mekks
21 Shuriken city Gelyer
22 Asteroid orbit Arod
23 Polluted pin Grannest
24 Hyper-seven Hevendor
25 Volcanic stray Jel-jel
26 The Purple vortex Gigagush
27 The Cracked Saturn Megadom
28 Dejeh-polis Dejeh
29 The Fault globe Forte
30 Presto-bolt! Firim
31 Astrological metropolitan station


32 The Sentient of Cosmic doom Meteo


  • The Game's title is pun to the Pacman rally game,Pacman world rally.

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