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Publicity for the Theme Park.
Greater Location Nintendo Island
Location Type Theme Park
Mushroom Kingdom, Dreamland, Hyrule, Gaming City, Mute City, Corneria, PokéPark, Nintendville, Distant Planet, Zebes, Skyworld,

Nintendo Land is a theme park centered around Nintendo and their various games, primarily Nintendo Land. It's one of the largest theme parks in the world, being located in Manchester, England. It has got hotels, rollercoasters, a nearby airport, and much more to promote itself as a Nintendo-centered family resort. It's also home to some of the biggest merchandise shops about Nintendo in the world, such as Mario Mario's, Hyrule Market and PokéCenter. The park opens from 9am-8pm daily, but shorter hours during the Winter. It is a sister park to Fantendo Land and are both owned by Merlin Entertainments. 

Park Layout

Guests have a choice of parking close, mainly for Hotel guests is close to the Mushroom Kingdom, with Peach's Castle Hotel greeting you. Whilst the more popular entrance is the Nintendo Land Plaza.

As you enter travel via one of the parks many monorails, you will enter at the center of Nintendo Land Plaza, in front of a massive coin tower ala to Nintendo Land.

It's differences start to become more noticable when you should see the series emblems. There are numerous different areas but only 6 of the areas represented can be initially accessed. The Mushroom Kingdom (the family area) is facing north soon followed by Hyrule going eastwards, (recommended for gamers and scenic viewers), Zebes (for thrillseekers) and PokePark (for families with small children).

Upon entering these, signs will lead you to the parks other areas, each area having two others branch off it, totalling to 15 areas. "**" signifies that this area stems off another. <spoiler>

  • Mushroom Kingdom
  • DK Jungle
  • Hyrule
    • Skyworld
    • Distant Planet
  • Zebes
    • Corneria
    • Mute City
  • PokePark
    • Dreamland
  • Nintendville
  • Gaming City

Theme Park Areas

Gaming City

If you walk straight ahead upon entering as a extension to the Nintendo Land Plaza, it houses attractions for smaller Nintnedo franchises.

One of the largest zones with an amazing amount of shops, it's the shopping center of the park, but also interactive hub. It is also the main entrance to navigation vehicles.

Dr. Mario's First Aid and the Warp Pipe Toilets are here, in which the back leads out to the back out the Mushroom Kingdom. It houses smaller franchises too small for an area as well as some Nintendo classics.

Food, drink and shops:

Name Class Description
NES Spot Arcade A old-school building where you can play old school NES classics in machines alike to those of arcades.
The Item Box Shop The park's largest gift shop, it contains Nintendo merchandise and video games. So large an entrance can be accessed in the Mushroom Kingdom.
N-Shop Arcade/Shop An arcade where you can play enhanced versions of current e-Shop titles or classic Nintendo games, like Super Mario Bros., Wrecking Crew, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon Yellow and Metroid. If you have your 3DS with you, you can download these games!
Nintendogs + Cats Plaza Dog Kennel Leave your dog in the luxury Nintendogs kennels. Or enter them in daily contests with training obstacles and doggy friendly activities. You can even perform in a show for real life Ted and co to judge.
Big Brain Training Interactive Quiz Show Hosted by Dr. Kawishima and Dr. Lobe, a mini quiz show about Nintendo occurs between 4 pairs, after 10 questions. The winner gets a prize. Show times happen every hour.
Wii Music Room Indoor Playground Join Sebastian Tute as you explore a room with instruments to play and buttons to press! Who knows what they will do! Linked to Chibi-Robo Playground, with a similar premise but in the Sanderson house and with plug swings and sliding off cabinets.
Ice Climber Climbing Wall A Ice Climber climbing wall where the first quarter is breaking through stone and the rest is high climbing with drastic temperature change to faulter your top performance.
Sheriff Shootout Interactive Dark ride A mine-cart tunnel which has the objective of the riders shooting the Bandits using sensor-based guns. There is a point value given for each Bandit which is shot and can vary between 150 and 1000. A score is registered onto a leaderboard which records every rider’s score and changes daily.

Park Navigation

Including monorails, there are numerous ways to travel around the park.

Name Class Description
Spirit Train Steam Train A train in the style of the train in Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It encircles the park. A quick way to access all the zones. The fastest of the two navigation ways.
StarFox Tramway Aerial Tramway A slow but pretty tramway, which crosses all of the park, leaving beautiful views of the sea and the attractions.
Epona Stroll Horse Riding Have a casual stoll on horse back round the back on Hyrule and finish at Peach Gardens.
Magnet Train Monorail The Magnet Train from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver can transfer guests from the car park to the theme park entrance, the most popular and efficient mode of transport.
Shy Guy's Perplex Express Monorail In the center is Shy Guy's Perplex Express, being the largest train due to the kitchens being used to prepare park food. The two Barrel and Bad-Breath carriages are the only ones accessable by guests as the Kitchens detach onto another line. This only happens twice a day at 9am and 3pm. Making it the rarest train to ride.

Mushroom Kingdom

A beautiful, Mushroom-filled land, full of grass and coasters. Intended for

The zone's banner.

both young and more mature audiences, child can, here, see their favourite Nintendo characters. It interacts with the sea near Delfino.


Name Class Description
Bowser's Castle Roller Coaster Inverted roller coaster An amazing inverted rollercoaster exploring a big, spooky castle, full of paintings and candles. The room is fiery, warm and rocky. The ride ends by a huge anmiatronic Bowser "breaks" a hole open for you to return to the station.
Delfino Cleaning Coaster Quick water coaster A quick and complex water coaster, seemingly dirty, in which riders are given water guns and need to clean the holographic liquid as much as they can while they try to hold on their cars.
Rosalina's Comet Flying Ride Flying roller coaster The riders start relaxed, in a pretty calm and gentle coaster taking place around Rosalina's Comet Observatory. However, suddenly, it becomes more intense after it starts to travel through various galaxies. At the end you get sucked into a black hole and end up back at the beginning, like the ending in Super Mario Galaxy.
Luigi's Mansion Haunted House

A haunted house where most of the horror relies on surprising you. You begin climbing steep steps as you enter the mansion interior. Full of ghosts and includes the Spider boss and ends with a King Boo battle from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Not very scary, but good for kids.

WarioWare 4D Theatre 4D Theatre

A 4D theater that has 4 different films - WarioWare, Inc. Mega Movie$, Yoshi's Story, Kong vs. Kremling, and Mario's Movie. Featuring competitive WarioWare games in the queueline which is a taster of the arcade to follow. These films run every half an hour in a cycle.

Wario's Motorbike Stadium Motorbike Coaster A rather tame WarioWare based coaster where you ride on Wario Motorbikes and compete in real life WarioWare games such as
Runaway Mine Cart Mine Train A runaway mine train based on Wario' Gold Mine from Mario Kart Wii! Dodge the Karts and keep on the track.
Waluigi Pinball Maurher Sohne Spinning Coaster A family spinning coaster themed around the pinball maze in Waluigi Pinball after a launch through the coloured tunnel and down the half-pipe canyon. A bumper will signify a turn.
Yoshi Go-Round Carousel Based off the Yoshi Go-round from Super Mario Sunshine.


Name Class Description
Delfino Hotel Hotel A pretty, luxurious, but expensive, hotel next to the Delfino Cleaning Coaster. Has big, incredible water pools and brightly themed rooms and Noki and Pianta staff. Well, at least costumed ones.
Yoshi Juice Drink An small egg-shaped building, in which drinks and juice are sold. Two of these are here, next to the hotel and on the other side of the Mushroom Kingdom. Yoshi Grape, Kamek Lemon Brew, Candy Sweet Shake and Birdo Berry Blitz are all sold here.

Mario Mario's Super Shop


A store themed around Nintendo's main mascot, Mario, and his world. Sells all kind of merchandise about him and other characters of the Mushroom Kingdom, like plushies and action figures. 

Mario Bros. Restaurant Restaurant A large restaurant with a pizza-pasta buffet. It features a building that looks like a toad house and has many Italian dishes with Mario names. Anyone fancy a Mario Margerita? Luigi Lasange? Peach Pineapple?
Mario Land Playground

The largest playground area, it includes many areas from different Mario games to run around in, and statues of many characters.

Dry Dry Desert Playground A sand playground with slides and swings as well as the huge sandpit!
Peach's Pastries Café Sample Mario's favourite cake and some of Peach's other cakes and teas.
Yoshi Targeting Aiming Game Whack the bony dinosaur from Yoshi's Story with 5 Yoshi's Eggs, hit all the 4 fruits and your a winner.
Toadsworth's Treats Candy Stall A candy stall with Mario themed candies including mushrooms and Mario Party candies.
Peach Gardens Gardens Observe the view or tackle a maze in Peach Gardens.

Toad Restaurant

Restaurant A small comfort food restaurant, with waiters dressed as Toads. Hearty home comfort food are served. It has the appearance of a big Toad House, with a royal style in the inside. With Toad spotted table cloths to a roaring fire, cottage, shephards and steak and ale pie are some favourites.



The zone's banner.

A grassy, beautiful land, mostly for kids and children, themed around Kirby games. The smallest zone in the park, but the favourite of kids. Fun, but not as adrenaline-filled as, for example, Mushroom Kingdom or other places in the park. Features a great variety of attractions and rides, but only one roller coaster, pretty slow, though specially for kids and their families. Features a Halberd zeppellin flying around the zone.


Name Class Description
The Squeak Squad's Ride Custom Juniour Sitdown Roller coaster A cruising family rollercoaster themed around Kirby: Squeak Squad, in which Daroach and his mice are shown.
The Warp Star Junior Launched Roller coaster

The Warp Star rollercoaster with the karts as Kirby on a warp star.

Meta Knight's Halberd Pirate ship A classic pirate ship ride, themed around Meta Knight's Halberd, popular among kids.
The Amazing Mirror Maze House of Mirrors An amazing maze-like puzzle, which manages to be tricky but still easy for children.
Warp Star Launch Drop Tower A Drop Tower based on Kirby’s Warp Star, the ride will begin by rising 150 ft into the air, then dropping to the ground. A Kirby-based candy stall is also placed next to it.
Lololo and Lalala’s Castle Playground A large Children’s play area based on the castle owned by Lololo and Lalala in Kirby.
Warp Star Bumper Karts Bumper Karts  A bumper kart attraction, the bumper karts are shaped like the warp stars and each kart has a picture of either Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Ribbon, Adeleine, Nightmare or Bandana Dee


Name Class Description
Orange Shore Beach Hotel Hotel A big hotel, slightly cheaper than Delfino, themed around Kirby games, having an arcade full of classic ones. Yarn beds and complimentary Maxim Tomatoes are just some of the features.
Treat Land Pasties Shop A large stand with pastries, cookies and cakes from Treat Land. With selected products with Kirby themed names including the Rasin Ruin (a rasin flan) and Nutty Noon.
Dream Drinks Drinks Shop Next door to Treat Land is a small branded and original drinks store. Such as candyfloss flavoured Pop Star Juice or the Green Greens.


Go round the back of LoLoLo and LaLaLa's castle and discover Hyrule, a Legend of Zelda themed area.

Name Class Description
Ocarina of Time 3D: The Ride Jet Star 2 Ride a Zelda themed rollercoaster taking place in Hyrule Castle's cellars in the dark with a queue going upstairs with Zelda pictures and memorabilia. And a 3D pre-show is shown. And the roller coaster starts at a slow speed with the second part of the Ocarina of time is shown, but the second part of it! After watching the video while you are still travelling slowly you speed up and drop, then it alights and you can see all of Hyrule! You exit the ride upon the second lift hill which is used to begin your tour of Hyrule Castle or resume the ride to the original station.
Loftwing's Flight Supernova Ride on a giant Loftwing as it violently shakes twists and turns around. 
Hyrulian Finishing School Augmented Reality Simulator Ride on Epona. Have some crossbow or slingshot training training, then slay an enemy get taken through in groups of 12. Leads into the west of the Happy Mask House.
Runaway Spirit Train Mine Train Full speed ahead on the Spirit Train!
Triforce Tri-Star A ride which constantly spins and unites the triforce together.
Great Flood Escape Shoot-the-chutes With indoor and outdoor sections all around Hyrule, you must escape The Great Flood.


Name Class Description
Hyrule Castle Hotel  A old fashioned magical hotel.  
Lon Lon Ranch Food Stand  To get your portion of "Lon Lon Milk" and fried meats.
Hyrule Market Shop The second biggest shop in the park. Sections include the Happy Mask House, where the ceiling changes from morning to day to night, where you could buy various Zelda masks. Or can be used to buy strange, but wonderful Zelda toys. A indoor market but with stalls outside on the side of the castle. Made in the theme of the streets from Hyrule's Castle Town capital. It sells large amounts of various The Legend of Zelda merchandise, and shows, behind a crystal, all the titles in the series in their original boxes, and a perfect replica of the Master Sword.
Mercay Tavern Bar A small drinks bar that sells milk and one of the few locations on the park to sell alcohol.


Name Class Description
Pokémon Center Shop The park's biggest shop is themed with Pokémon goodies, and twinned with a healthy restaurant.
Pokémon Snap Safari Interactive Safari ride Take photos of Pokémon in this Safari, your photos are saved and you can choose some To keep along with A picture of you! 
Nimbasa Ferris Wheel  Ferris Wheel A Generic Ferris Wheel ride, plays Nimbasa City Music, you can get a view of the whole of the back. Situated in the middle of the park. If your lucky there is a DSiXL There to play Pokémon Black and White in!
Snorlax's  Shop A Pokémon themed ice cream shop, shaped like Snorlax.
Game Corner Arcade  A Pokémon themed arcade with the Arcade Games in the games and some generic Arcade Games. 
Nintendo Land Space Center Based off the Mossdeep Space Center

Kongo Jungle

Name Class Description
Diddy's Jet Pack Ride Winged Roller Coaster A rollercoaster where you are held up like the Superman and fly around the Kongo Jungle.
Gangplank Galleon Tugboat A small Tugboat ride, with a twist. Across a lake you are bound to get soaked.
Congo Stream Slide Intamin Aqua Trax A Intamin Aqua Trax roller coaster which starts at the top of DK Mountain and slides down this Water coaster you end with a Big Drop gliding Across Water! In the Lake or the Sea where you can sea The Gangplank Galleon.
Kong's Wild Ride King Kong A giant DK wants to show you a view or two!
Mad Mad Mines Four Man Bob It's gonna be a bumpy ride in this mine cart, set in a dark cannon with little lighting.


Name Class Description
StarFox Report Custom Gertlauser Eurofighter Rollercoaster A indoor rollercoaster based off the first boss fight in Star Fox 64, four coasters duelling with themselves in all directions resembling Fox, Falco, Slippy and Peppy. In the end they will all homage at once into the middle where the exit is found. The exit is secretly hidden in the dark as it is just before the ride begins. 
Arwing Ship Simulator A thrilling ship simulator with a brand new adventure. You soar through space while Slippy, Falco, and Krystal talk to you. At the end of the ride, you fight Andross, get eaten and then spit out.
Slip's Ships Juniour Flyers Some simple junior flyer rides shaped like StarFox veichles.
Barrel Roll  Mad House Watch and gaze with puzzled, but dazzled looks as you 'spin' around the room in a tough boss battle where Star Wolf's cries are heard when the ride is defeated. The queueline has tells the Story of the old Star Fox with James' death and Pigma's betrayl.

Castle Siege

Name Class Description
Tellius Battlefield  Simulator A simulation-ride which will let you ride through a middle of a big battle. You can use special devices received at the beginning on ride to attack holographic enemies, and defeat them all.
Akaneian Castle Shop A special shop in which you can buy Fire Emblem merchadise, like a few non-real swords, lances and bows, and other things.

Mute City

Name Class Description
F-Zero Ultimate Race Launched Coaster You are subjected to a 0-80 mph launch. Until dashing in a straight line then down and down and around the theme park, you race this circuit three times. And if your lucky, you can scream for a fourth! 
Death Race Steeplechase  The last 3 standing; Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh and Black Shadow are remaining in the Death Race. Watch as they race and seemingly duel with each other by crossing paths.
Falcon Supernova In the shape of a Falcon is a supernova ride themed around Captain Falcon. 

Pikmin Paradise

A small zoo and Pikmin themed area. With creepy crawlies, merchandise and small children rides and beautiful flowerbeds.

Name Class Description
At The End of the Day Motion simulator The Park's Second Motion Simulator takes place on a in Olimar's view of a typical Pikmin level where Empress and Emperor Bulblax appear but will he defeat them with his trusty sidekicks in a maddash to Olimar's ship to finally return home.
Distant Planet Park Playground The second largest playground area, it has you exploring different areas from Pikmin games from a worm's eye view. With long grass and huge flowers.
Pikmin Nature Center Shop An area with ponds to wade in and several glass cases with different insects on exhibit.
Big Apple Coaster Themed around the dragonflywormythingy (professional ikr) in the Pikmin 3 trailer, ride on the dragonfly creature shown in the trailer and cross different types of Pikmin carrying fruit to dodge.
Piknom Food A restaurant selling vegetarian food, built with a green, grassy and surrealistic style. Pikmin themed with the tables being shaped around leaves. 


A quiet more intellectual area of the park themed around Animal Crossing. There is a police station for lost and found ala to the games and a Town Hall Customer Service with Post Office Themed information desk with Bell Cashpoint where real money must be converted into sacks of bells. It merges the Town and the City from Animal Crossing.

More finite touches include Balloon Men, a salon, The Fortune Shop, "Kicks" shoe store, and real fruit trees all around.

Name Class Description
City Bus Crazy Bus Take a trip that you'll never forget on the bus to The City!
K.K Concert Stage A stage which houses concerts and sing a longs.
Nook N' Go Shop

The parks smallest shop owned by Tom Nook, with a variety of Animal Crossing merchandise and items from the real games such as furniture, candies and plants. Aside from the manager, the two other staff members are dressed as Timmy and Tommy. 

KK Slides Playground

A playground full of slides and swings themed around an Animal Crossing village, similar to "Animal Crossing Sweet Day" at Nintendo Land. Hide and seek is also popular here.

Museum Museum View quirky butterflies to paintings and fossils. Although the huge aquarium is the main attraction. Even watch out for real life Animal Crossing characters and even an Observatory.
The Roost Café A quick coffee and a cake after observing the museum is perfect served by Brewster, this is the second place on the park where alcohol can be served.


A dark Metroid themed area, themeing objects include Metroid eggs and Samus' Ship. 

Name Class Description
Samus vs. Ridley Drop Tower Flying Coaster Hybrid A fast 100ft indoor drop rides where you are lifted into Generator C of Norion and a raging battle takes place between the two. While bounty hunters such as Sylux and Dark Samus and Galactic Federation workers telling you to get on the ride to be safe as they fight above you. Then when you get on the ride this happens again and the only safe way is to go up as they fight below. It then drops and Samus defeats Ridley while many leg, back and neck ticklers and environment effects are used to enhance the experience. The theme would be that Ridley is taking Samus high up into the sky but then Samus shoots Ridley and then you drop. And your on a maddash out as you quickly change position into a 60mph flying coaster to escape. After returning to the GFS Olympus, a scare maze is featured at the end. 
Phazon Mines  Freefall Drop Steel Coaster with Simulator Beginning with the riders as Samus' companion escaping a barage of 4D effect spewing enemies, Samus arrives at the scary Phazon Mines. The cinema projector vanishes infront of you and lights flicker as you plummet ahead from 0-49mph in 5 seconds, with simulated effects such as breaking cages and enemies trying to latch onto you. This steel coaster then slowly reaches a lift hill as the Meta Ridley from Nintendo Land is back for revenge. Referencing Samus vs. Ridley, Ridley then appears at the top and chases you down ala the first fight in Prime 3, the cart twists and turns in pitch darkness from the steep drop at 50+mph then slowing down and free falling 20ft to travel backwards and Samus speaks and orders you to quickly escape from your doom before Ridley returns.
Pirate Casino Casino The only casino of the park. It features Zebesian waiters and patrons, Metroid-themed dishes, and for adults, gambling corners.
Prime Hunter Laser Tag Choosing a replica of Sidehopper Station, Headshot, Arcterra, Alinos, Tallon IV or Spires, you and up to nineteen other people put on Power Suit replicas and battle in a game of Laser Tag.
Metroid Hatchling Tunnel Interactive Dark ride A Tunnel which has the objective of the riders shooting the Metroids using sensor-based guns. There is a point value given for each Metroid which is shot and can vary between 150 and 1000. A score is registered onto a leaderboard which records every rider’s score and changes daily. 
Metroid Pinball Games Arcade A Metroid arcade based around Metroid Pinball.


Name Class Description
Icarus Wing rider A indoor winged rider rollercoaster based off the Medusa fight in Kid Icarus: Uprising. With an intense battle enraging around you while Pauletena gives Pit advice.
Rewind Springs Spa and Sauna A spa and sauna based on the Rewind Spring in Kid Icarus Uprising. While you relax, you can watch a cinematic battle between Dark Pit and Amazon Pandora, with Viridi, Palutena and Hades bickering in the background, or you can just simply relaxed and admire mock Greek artifacts.
Gaol's Castle Castle Maze Travel through Gaol's Castle with the help of Magnus, Pit and Palutena.
Palutena's Restaurant A Greek restaurant serving moussaka, baklava and a wide selection of dips in this heavenly taste of the Hellenic cuisine!
Statue Smash 100 Hammer Game Whack the hammer as hard as you can to reach 100 and break the stone statue.


Name Class Description
Twoson Store  Shop A store selling Earthbound Merchandise such as Ness’ shirt, Earthbound Candies, Items from the game such as the Yo-Yo and Cap. Even a Peanut Cheese Bar and Popsicles. To a PSI Caramel fountain.
HP Reviver Restaurant Food from EarthBound can be bought from hamburgers, Lucky Sandwich, Large Pizza, Bag of Fries, Croissants and a Cup of Noodles can be bought here. 
Phase Distorter 4D Rollercoaster  This 4D rollercoaster which runs through several loops and harsh turns, the ride is based on Dr Adonauts’ machine made to help Ness travel back in time to defeat Giygas. The end of the ride is connected to the Twoson Store.
Tazmily-Pork Hotel Hotel A hotel split down the middle, one half themed after the rustic Tazmily Village, the other themed after New Pork City.


  • When you enter each area, they have the series logo and above it a plinth as seen in the 2012 Wii U launch game Nintendo Land.
  • If 3DS owners arrive with their 3DS, they will be able to receive a special coaster AR Card if shown to any member of staff in each area. There is Comet Observatory for Mario, Pop Star for Kirby, Hyrule Castle for Zelda, Pokémon Gym for Pokémon, DK Island for Donkey Kong, the Castle Siege for Fire Emblem, Mute City for F-Zero, Pikmin Planet for Pikmin, Crossing Town for Animal Crossing, Samus's Ship for Metroid, the Space Pirate Ship for Kid Icarus, Ness's House for Mother, The Tornado for Sonic, and Battlefield for Super Smash Bros.
  • The red staff uniform was to represent the Mario franchise and it being the Mii's default colour.
  • Not all attractions in Hyrule are based in Hyrule although they aren't in the games.
  • Aside from the 3 in Nintendville, there is one more Balloon salesman around the park, a roaming chap dressed as "Balloon Fighter" with the map challenging you to find him!


  • Pegasus: A Fire Emblem themed rollercoaster where you sit on a Pegasus.

Other Attractions

  • DK's Safari: A ride that takes you through a forest filled with Monkeys, Gorillas, Elephants, Crocodiles and Orang-Utans. 



There are five airplanes painted like Nintendo's five biggest franchises that travel back and forth between major countries like the U.S.A. and the park. There is an airplane themed after Mario Party, with Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Toadette and Toad attendants, and a Toadsworth and Toadbert pilot and copilot. There is an airplane painted to resemble a Loftwing, with Zelda, Saria, Malon and Ruto attendants, and an Impa and Link pilot and copilot. There is an airplane themed after the G.F.S. Olympus with Rundas, Ghor, Gandrayda and Samus attendants, and a Dane and Adam pilot and copilot. There is an airplane themed after the Halberd with Dedede, Bandana Dee, Adeleine and Ribbon attendants, and a Meta Knight and Kirby pilot and copilot. There is also an airplane themed after the planes in the Pokémon series, with attendants and pilots themed after various Pokémon Trainers.


There are also boats themed after the same franchises, that travel across oceans to ferry people to the park. The attendants are for the most part the same; there is a Mario Party boat, Linebeck's Ship (with Tetra, Linebeck and Pirates on board), G.F.S. Thesus, Kirby Cruiser and the S.S. Anne.

Character Meet and Greets

These characters walk about in their respective areas and can be met and have photos taken with them although sometimes the 3 main series characters will hang near the entrances to their respective areas, promoting them. All of there costumes can actually be bought from stores in Nintendo Land Plaza, but only in childrens sizes to avoid confusion.

  • Mario - Get a hug or two with everybody's favorite video game character.
  • Luigi - Meet Mario's underdog brother!
  • Peach - Meet the loving ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • Toad - Have a snap with everyone's favourite helper who will be sure to show you around!
  • Yoshi - Meet the ever-adorable dino of the world of Nintendo!
  • Bowser - Come forth and meet the king of Koopas, if you dare.
  • Donkey Kong - Meet the strong kong hero of the jungle!
  • Diddy Kong - Meet D.K.'s buddy!
  • Link - Meet the hero of Hyrule!
  • Zelda - Meet the princess of Hyrule!
  • Ness - Have a snap with EarthBound's protagonist.
  • Captain Falcon - Meet the lead racer of the 26th century!
  • Samus - Meet the heroine of the galaxies.
  • Kirby - Meet the super tough pink puff!
  • Meta Knight - Meet the antihero of Dream Land.
  • King Dedede - Meet the rowdy ruler of Dream Land!
  • Pikachu - One of the most popular Pokemon of all--come say hi!
  • Jibanyan - Meet one of the Yo-Kai!
  • Villager - Meet the villagers of Animal Crossing.
  • Tom Nook - Stop by and see the town's shopkeeper!
  • Isabelle - Meet the town's friendly and trusty assistant!

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