Nintendo Walrus
Beta Logo
Developer(s) Nintendo Depressed Walrus Productions
Manufacturer(s) Nintendo Depressed Walrus Productions
Product Family Wii U / Nintendo Switch
Console Type Home
Subtype(s) Walrus NX
Generation 8.5th
Storage 2tb
Online Connectivity Nintendo Network/Narwalrus Online
Backward Compatibility Gamecube,Wii,Wii U,All eShop and Shopping Channel Titles.
Forward Compatibility NX

the Nintendo Walrus is a Home Console developed by Nintendo and Depressed Walrus Productions. The console was designed to allow more hardcore gamers to play Nintendo games on a "Gamer" system.

Support for Games

Walrus Titles

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Old Nintendo Systems

Downloadable Titles

The Nintendo Walrus adds support for all previous Downloaded games to be ported onto the consoles Memory for play (see Narwalrus Market for more info)

Disc Copy's

the Walrus can play all Gamecube,Wii,and Wii U titles.


see Nintendo Walrus/NX


In a partner ship with Microsoft, the Nintendo Walrus can play Most XBOX One and 360 games, downloaded or disc copy (see Narwalrus market for info on downloading Xbox games)


after first downloading the Day 1 Patch, players gain access to this software:

Narwalrus Market

Narwalrus Market

Narwalrus Market is the Virtual Store included with the Nintendo Walrus.

Downloading Old Titles

Narwalrus Recovery is a app included in Narwalrus Market. Using this program, it is possible to Cross data over from the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii,Wii U, and Gamecube through different methods. It is also possible to retrieve downloaded games (IE Virtual Console or Xbox Live Arcade) and download them onto the Nintendo Walrus





DLC Boxart

If you want a game on the Nintendo Walrus,just ask in the comments or on User:EeveeTube MC's talk.

Depressed Walrus Productions
Narwalrus (Game) / Narwalrus Shake (iOS)
Pokémon RPG
Pokémon Galaxy:Amiibo Stars