Nintendo Village

Nintendo Village is an app for the Nintendo Matrix in which you control a Mii in a small forest village populated by other Mii's (both your own & any you have encountered online) where you may take on quests from other Mii's to earn gold which you can use to buy clothing for your Mii or Furniture for your village home. New areas can be unlocked by meeting certain requirements.


Gameplay is very simple. Touch an item to pick it up. Tap a character to talk to them. Tap the screen to use your weapon, L or R to swap equipped weapons, & control stick to move. Tak the stairs to progress a floor in a dungeon.


Nintendo Village

Nintendoland (i.e: The upcoming canon game, Nintendoland.)

Mushroom Valley (Dungeon, Boss: Metal Mario)

Mysterious Cave (Dungeon, Boss: Dark Link)


Mushroom Valley

  • Goomba's
  • Gold Goomba's
  • Koopa Troopa's
  • Lakitu's

Mysterious Cave

  • Octorok's
  • Corrupt Goron's
  • Dark Knight's


Mushroom Valley

Find the Giga Mushroom on floor 2

Beat 30 Goombas

Find & Capture a gold goomba!

Collect 100 coins!

Beat the Strange Alloy Man (Metal Mario)

Mysterious Cave

Defeat 10 Octoroks.

Collect 100 rupees! (Can convert into coins.)

Locate the Mystical Hidden Spring (Floor 5)

Defeat the Dark Hero (Dark Link)