A civil war between Nintendo and Fantendo broke out after an argument over who owned more land in the gaming universe. The Nintendo armies were commanded by Mario and his friends and enemies and they were to defeat Fantendo. They fought against each other so much that it got serious and led to a universal war. This distracted everyone so much that Dimentio took over the whole universe. He created minions to kill all of the armies so he would rule all universes. But the armies kept fighting.

Nintendo Alliance

Mario's Army

General - Mario

Captain - Luigi

Artillery Infantry - Bill Blasters

Heavy Infantry - Yoshi Riders

Light Infantry - Shy Guys

Bowser's Army

General - Bowser

Captain - Bowser Jr.

Artillery Infantry - Bazooka Bros.

Heavy Infantry - Paratroopas

Light Infantry - Koopas

Peach's Army

General - Peach

Captain - Daisy

Artillery Infantry - Toad Gunners

Heavy Infantry - Toad Wizards

Light Infantry - Toads

Ludwig's Army

General - Ludwig von Koopa

Captain - Iggy Koopa

Artillery Infantry - Hammer Bros.

Heavy Infantry - Magikoopas

Light Infantry - Dry Bones

Lemmy's Army

General - Lemmy Koopa

Captain - Wendy O. Koopa

Artillery Infantry - Boomerang Bros.

Heavy Infantry - Paragoombas

Light Infantry - Goombas

Fantendo Empire

Henry the Moose's Army

General - Henry the Moose

Captain - Henry Jr.

Artillery Infantry - Moose Gunners

Heavy Infantry - Armoured Moose

Light Moose - Moose Soldiers

Tango's Army

General - Tango the Llama Lord

Captain - Prince Tango

Artillery Infantry - Blaster Llamas

Heavy Infantry - Armoured Llamas

Light Moose - Llama Soldiers

3.14's Army

General - 3.14

Captain - 3.14 II

Artillery Infantry - Laser 3.14s

Heavy Infantry - Super 3.14 Clones

Light Moose - 3.14 Clones

4.13's Army

General - 4.13

Captain - 4.13 II

Artillery Infantry - Laser 4.13s

Heavy Infantry - Super 4.13 Clones

Light Moose - 4.13 Clones

McBoo's Army

General - McBoo

Captain - McQueen Mario

Artillery Infantry - Gunner McBoos

Heavy Infantry - Super McBoos

Light Moose - McBoo Soldiers

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