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The Legend of Zelda series is a world in Nintendo Unlimited, it is a beautiful world with 4 large areas to venture through, featuring intense sword action against many evil foes.

Gameplay of The Legend of Zelda World

This world features a different gameplay, there is not much jumping at all, and the player can choose from many different weapons to use against enemies. Not to mention, you can also play the Ocarina and use ships to explore a vast sea area in one of the areas like New Hyrule.

World Goals


Area Name Description
New Hyrule
Lost Woods
Lake Hylia
Death Mountain



Figurine Description
Link The hero of time, now you can be and look like the amazing green hero and nothing stops you in your path; you are the master swordsman.
Ganondorf Joining the side of evil have you? Too bad you don't have great powers, at least you get to look so fierce though.
Zelda Now it's time to be everyones favorite princess! Shoot arrows, possess enemies, or even turn into a seafaring pirate captian.
Tingle Everybody loves Tingle! Well, would you like to walk a mile in his shoes? Or, at least, his costume.


  • Sleepy Slip
  • Time Warp

Summoning Cards

  • Goron


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