The Pokemon series is a world in Nintendo Unlimited. It is a wonderful world where players can catch and battle Pokémon.

Gameplay of the Pokémon World

The gameplay works out similar to the normal Pokémon gameplay, players automatically recieve a starting level 5 Pokémon which any starter from Gen I-VI. The player can then run around grass and try to catch Pokemon, they can visit towns and battle trainers. The gameplay changes in some areas, like Pokémon Island, where you have to take pictures of Pokémon with gameplay similar to Pokémon Snap. The Tendarks make an appearance, but you cannot fight them. Instead, they use their power to corrupt some Pokémon, making them corrupted, this is similar to the Shadow Pokémon from Pokémon Colosseum.

World Goals


Area Name Description
Kanto The nostalgic region is there for you to explore, you will gain your first Pokémon and prepare for a new quest and battle tons of trainers and search for powerful Pokémon!
Pokémon Island Returning from Pokémon Snap, players can take pictures of Pokémon and explore the exotic environment of the island, who knows what you will find!
Black City/White Forest Black City (Wii U) and White Forest (3DS) are special locations that are different in each version, they have magnificent scenery and strong trainers to battle.
The Battle Royale The ultimate challenge, a tower like arena where the player must fight challenging trainers, sometimes even under special conditions.



Area Name Description
Pikachu Everyone knows Pikachu, but you can now be Pikachu! With your thunder attacks and lightning speed, your the flashing fury.
Charizard The amazing fire flying type will scorch any baddie in battle, you are the searing champion, you cannot be beaten nor stricken down.
Mewtwo A rare legendary Pokémon can now be controlled and be you, your foes show no match for you.
Zoroark Create illusions and dominate the battle with your powers, nobody can stop your trail.


  • Element Glow
  • Capture Call


  • Snorlax
  • Sylveon
  • Garchomp
  • Piplup


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