The Pikmin series is a world in Nintendo Unlimited, it is a vast world with four locations to explore. 

Gameplay of the Pikmin kingdom

This mode is similiar to the Pikmin games, as you would suspect. At the start of the world, the players find an onion and are instructed to attack it. When hit, it stands up and sprouts out a seed, which can be plucked out and turned into a Pikmin. Pikmin can be thrown on enemies or other things or ordered to attack something. In order to get more Pikmin, you must either command them to bring back an enemy to the onion or find another onion and attack.

The limit for total Pikmin starts at 20, but as you find more Onions you increase the limit by 20. Unlike the other Pikmin games, multiple onions of the same color can be found, but they merge back together like in Pikmin 3.

World Goals


Area Name Description
Open Woods
Fierce Pasture
Serenity Pines
Jolly Lake



Figurine Description
Olimar It's time for his fourth adventure on PNF-404! Join him and have the power to command Pikmin; or just punch your way through baddies.
Louie Louie also joins the Pikmin adventure, now you can be like him and take down some powerful foes.
Alph The engineer from Kopai is back on PNF-404, and is ready to command some Pikmin!


  • Fruit Feast

Summoning Cards

  • Juvenile Bulborb

Music Played

The Forest Navel (Pikmin) Boss Battle (Pikmin 2) Garden of Hope (Pikmin 3) Title Screen (Pikmin 3)

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