The Metroid series is a mini world in Nintendo Unlimited. It is a small world with two locations to explore. Despite being small, it is home to the possible origin of the Tendarks, although this part is not explored in the NIntendo 3DS version.

Gameplay of the Metroid kingdom

The Metroid kingdom has gameplay similiar to most. However, along with goals, the main task for the world is to find equippable items and use them to access new areas. 

World Goals

To see the full list of goals in the Metroid world, this page!


Area Name Description
Zebes The original planet, this place is house to millions of Metroids. Samus and her crew must find a way to destroy the Metroid Egg Clusters and kill Mother Brain.
Tallon IV Home to the first group or Chozos, this place houses many mysteries and is overun with the evil Phazon Corruption.
Ceres Space Colony



Figurine Description
Samus The bounty hunter is back once again! Join here as she shoots and pumels through the baddies, and finished off with a super laser.
Dark Samus The evil counterpart of Samus. Compete against the fake Samus witht he real Samus. But which is which? Find out!


Summoning Cards

Music Played

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