The Kirby series is a mini world in Nintendo Unlimited. It is a world with three locations to explore. 

Gameplay of the Kirby World

Players can use the Twinkler to try and get in contact with the enemy, with this, they might be able to copy their abilities, except, there is a meter on the screen, you must absorb enough power using the Twinkler to be able to copy the opponents ability. Also, players can ride on the Warp Star and other vehicles and race against other players with gameplay that works similar to Air Ride.

World Goals


Area Name Description
Dream Land You can explore the wonderful Dream Land like never before, many enemies will be there for you to copy their abilities, but watch out, the Tendarks don't want peace here at all.
Patch Land The game goes 2.5D now, you are now yarn and you can explore this yarn filled land and use new yarn like powers to take down the Tendarks.
Halberd Meta Knight's airship has been taken over by the Tendarks, now, it appears to have been upgraded and has many systems to stop any intruder from invading. You must stop the Tendarks before something bad happens to this ship.



Figurine Description
Kirby The beloved pink puffball, now you can be him! You can have high attack power and you can even blow opponents away with your power!
Meta Knight The mysterious knight gets a costume, you don't want to miss being this guy, you will have amazing abilities!
King Dedede Your time has come to become, the king! Waddle Dee's not included.
Bonkers BONK! You can become the purple chimp and literally have the ability to bonk with your Twinkler, nothing special though.


  • Balloon Blast
  • Triple Thrash
  • Wild Whip
  • Star Fire

Summoning Cards

  • Waddle Dee
  • Waddle Doo
  • Sword Knight

Music Played