The Kid Icarus series is a world in Nintendo Unlimited. It is a vast world with three locations to explore. 

Gameplay of the Kid Icarus World

The gameplay is much similar to Uprising, it is a rail shooter, and the player will gain a Key Item called the Wind Wings, which allow the player to shoot a strong gust and fly as well. The player fights enemies such as Monoeyes, Reapers, and even Mimicuties. There are treasure boxes to open and tons of bosses to fight, and the Tendarks are there too.

World Goals


Area Name Description
Skyworld The wonderful land can now be explored, but the Tendarks are planning on destroying it, so take them down before they do too much!
Reset Bomb Factory Apparently the Tendarks have taken over this place, now they have surprisingly created stronger Reset Bombs that can do unspeakable acts to the human world!
Underworld Hades is back, but he has a stronger army now, he is working with Tendarks to invade Skyworld and the Human World to eliminate them both! You must go there and defeat Hades and the Tendarks to save the world!



Figurine Description
Pit The lovable angel can now be you, you get the awesome costume and great strength that he has!
Palutena You can also be the Goddess of Light, how cool is that? Well, goddess powers not included.
Magnus The epic strong human warrior busts into the action to stop this Tendark nonsense and to defeat the Underworld.
Medusa You may not be cool, but you can turn your enemies into stone and crush them to death!


  • Mega Laser
  • Hurricane Blast
  • Para Jump

Summoning Cards

  • Shemum
  • Eggplant Wizard
  • Mik
  • Keron

Music Played

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