The Ice Climber series is a world in Nintendo Unlimited. It is a mini world world with just 2 locations to explore, and some hammer bonking and challenging platforming action.

Gameplay of the Ice Climber World

There is a lot of platforming in this world, going up and down is happening a lot here. Dangerous enemies are also walking too, and mountain climbing happens a lot. This world also has puzzle based sections of each area too.

World Goals

Area Name Description
Weathermo Town The main location/hub from Ice Climber: Age Of Ice, many Wayzers are in need of help, and Tendarks are trying to start trouble.
Icicle Mountain The original mountain the Climbers went up to, Wayzers will give goals and challenges while you head up there.
Boss: Vetrices' World The world the Climbers travelled to has been revamped, it is highly guarded and there are tricky puzzles and dangerous weapons.



Figurine Description
Popo The blue Climber breaks the ice and now you can be him, his costume gives you some serious hammer power.
Nana The pink Climber, pink is so great, this costume will give you some climbing skills.
Mako An orange Climber who joined the Ice Climbers. Now you can wear Mako's amazing snow protective clothes, they protect you from cold weather.


  • Absolute Zero
  • Hammer Time
  • Frosty View

Summoning Cards

  • Polar Bear
  • Topi
  • Condor
  • Zertin


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