The Donkey Kong series is a world in Nintendo Unlimited. It is a vast world with three locations to explore. It is exclusive to the Wii U version.

Gameplay of the Donkey Kong World

The gameplay is mostly a beat 'em up, many Tendarks, Kritters, and Skullings are there to fight you, and you must work together to fight many at once. You are able to use combo attacks to knock back an enemy so it can hit other enemies. Theres a bunch of platforming action too, and Animal Buddies are there too, you can even race through the jungle with your friends.

World Goals


Area Name Description
Donkey Kong Island The island has been taken over by the Tendarks, now you must defeat them and rescue some Golden Bananas that they have stolen!
Skulloft Bay The Skullings are guarding this area, you must go find the Omega Orbs before they do something bad with them. Beware of ships and traps though.
Crocodile Cruiser King K. Rool has built a gigantic ship like vehicle that is cruising the sea, now you must take Donkey Kong's ultimate enemy down before he attacks Donkey Kong Island. Kritters, Skullings, and Tendarks are roaming this ship, so this is a big challenge.



Figurine Description
Donkey Kong Now you can become the king of swing, you gain great attack power and high defense, you can easily just smash away any enemy that gets in your way.
Diddy Kong Your the fast and agile Diddy Kong, you can move quick and dodge attacks fast, and even have the power to attack multiple times!
Dixie Kong You can become the hair smacking Dixie and hover over small gaps and deal so many hits to any foe who dares to challenge you.
Chunky Kong Crash and bash into enemies with this Chunky Kong costume, this costume is so great, enemies are so jealous that you have it, just kidding.


  • Kong Beat

Summoning Cards

  • Rambi
  • Enguarde
  • Kritter

Music Played

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