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The American boxart of Nintendo Unlimited for Wii U by Yoshifraga97
Developer(s) SuyoGames
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Infinity, Infinity GX, Nintendo Omega, Nintendo Epsilon. Nintendo Immerse, Nintendo Silver, EXGamer
Release Date(s)
December 2013
Adventure, Multiplayer, Battle, Unlimited, Retro
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Your favorite Nintendo worlds come to life like never before!

Nintendo Unlimited, also known as Nintendo Universe in Europe and Nintendo Haven in Japan, is a multiplayer action adventure game released for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS as well as other consoles. The game itself is being developed by SuyoGames, but is being published by Nintendo.

Nintendo Unlimited uses amiibo to function, the player receives Mario, Link, and Kirby in the packaging to use for the game, other figurines are sold separately.

The game has not only a Story Mode but also numerous fun features such as the Unlimited mode, which involves the player having unlimited amount of creativity and is allowed to build their own world and do whatever they wish in it, and the Battle Mode, where competitive matches and party-like gameplay is put to the test.



  • AButton: Jump
  • Ybuttonwiiu: Defend
  • Bbuttonwiiu: Attack
  • XButton: Special Attack
  • Control-StickWiiU: Move
  • Control-StickWiiU (Down): Duck
  • Control-StickWiiU (Right Stick): Move Camera

  • Lbutton + 3DS D-Pad (Any direction): Target Foe
  • Zl : Run
  • Zr: Open Item Bag
  • RButton: Use Item
  • 16px-Wiimote Plus/16px-Wiimote Minus: Pause
  • Wii U GamePad.svg: Scroll Through Items


Game Basics




Unlimited Mode is a new mode based off of Disney INFINITY. Based of what tokem is being used, different stages appear, and players can conjure up different video-game and media objects easily. For example, you could have a Goomba infested race track, or a obstacle course with objects from many Nintendo series there to hit you. Players each start out with 1000 Bulbs and a certain amount (changing depending on the size of the object placed) of Bulbs will be deducted from the total. Once it runs out, the player must borrow from another or stop building.

When they're done, players can upload their stages/worlds through Nintendo Network for people to play only, or post it on Miiverse for people to see. Utilizing the Wii U GamePad, the player can view the over world map and select places to put landmarks. Some objects in the game must be unlocked by completing goals in story mode, using hexles or other Realie, buying them from a shop from the Nintendia Plaza, or downloading one from an online source such as the Nintendo eShop.


Unlike the name would make you think, this mode is a party-game esque mode with Mario Party style gameplay. Different boards can be chosen depending on what tokem is being used, although the Nintendia board is always available. Because the available boards are not dependent on what figures are being used by the players, only 2 boards are available at one time without changing the tokems. After choosing a board, players choose the sun goal, how many turns after the sun goal, and how difficult the NPC's are. They also choose their figures.

Each board has at least 40 spaces on them. Spaces are navigated at the beginning of a player's turn, after selecting their item to use (if any). Spaces that are walked across depends of on what number is chosen via the 10-number spinner.

World Areas & Gameplay

Nintendo Franchises

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Real Life Items




Beta Elements


Studio Lillie

Banjo-Kazooie Trilogy (1,076)
Bubble Destruction (1,908)
Civilization VII (66,114)
Disney's Creationauts (2,385)
JACK (game) (51,912)
Kirby: Battle Royale (17,929)
Mario Cricket (9,319)
Mario Snowboarding (1,259)
Paper Mario: Pen Power (1,635)
Pikmin: Ground Control (18,480)
Pokémite (20,491)
Pokémon Berry Farm (11,807)
Pokémon Black and White Versions 3 (20,755)
Pokémon Topaz and Amethyst (82,432)
Retrovia (6,935)
Rockman 12: Dr. Wily's Final Plan!! (16,805)
Sonic Heroes X (77,740)
Sonic Velocity (5,579)
Splatoon 2 (port) (7,287)
Super Mario Finale (22,188)
Super Mario Galaxy Odyssey (53,326)
Super Mario Sunshine HD (9,724)
The Adventure Zone: Battle for the Bureau (965)
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (port) (1,442)
The Legend of Zelda: Call of the Storm (2,082)
The Legend of Zelda: Ghost Tracker (26,458)
Toontown 2 (157,582)
Xenoblade Chronicles Remix (1,946)
Xenoclash (907)

Gradient: Jailbreak (3,407)
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