The Nintendo Ultra was an unreleased Nintendo console, which was scheduled to be released in Spring 2010. It was essentially an updated Wii at double the price.

The Console


The updated version of the Wii Menu.

The system came with the console, 1 Wii Remote, and the necessary cords. An extra cord would be available to buy to connect a Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSI, or Game Boy Advance to the system for extra features. It was said to have a free copy of Wii Play included, but this is not confirmed to be true.

Returning Features

The Nintendo Ultra had many features that the Wii had or eventually had. One feature was Netflix, which would later appear on the Wii. The Wii Shop Channel was back, but new games were added, like Virtual Boy and Game Boy Color games for Virtual Console (now called Virtual Classics on Nintendo Ultra) and DSIWare games. Many returning channels, like the Forecast Channel and the News Channel, were not changed.

New Features

The biggest new feature of the Nintendo Ultra would of been the ability to connect a Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS to the system with a special adapter (sold separately). The main ability would be to be able to play the games on your tv, but there were more planned features. The console would've had another Wii Channel, called "Plaza". Plaza was a way to interact with people on your DS. You could add them as friends on your DS and interact with them through Pichochat and even challenge them to an RPG game called Mii Quest. The feature was eventually used on the Nintendo 3DS, where it was called StreetPass Mii Plaza. Mii Quest later became Find Mii.

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