Nintendo Ultimate Battle Royale is DarkLordofStuffMC's recreation of the Super Smash Bros Franchise. He says that some of the less relevant characters might be cut, even people from the original 12, with several third party characters.

Starting Roster

Picture Name Moveset
SSB eBook Mario

Up B: Propeller Shroom

Side B: Koopa Shell

B: Fireball|Red}}

Down B: Hammer Smash Final Smash: Mega Mario

SSB eBook (1) Link N/A
SSB eBook (2) Kirby N/A
SSB eBook (4) Donkey Kong N/A
SSB eBook (3) Pit N/A
SSB eBook (5) Pikachu N/A
SSB eBook (6) Yoshi N/A
SSB eBook (7) Samus N/A
SSB eBook (8) Rosalina N/A
SSB eBook (9) Magolor
600full-the-wonderful-101-artwork Wonder Red
SSB eBook (11) Mewtwo X/Y
SSB eBook (13) Villager
SSB eBook (12) Megaman
SSB eBook (14) Peach

SSB eBook (16)

Bowser Jr.
SSB eBook (17) Pac-man

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