Mario Trickklub is a German children's variety series that is broadcast in Germany on ZDF since March 6, 1987 (then West Germany) and is broadcast every Friday afternoon.

The series is hosted by Mario, who has been played by numerous actors over the years. The show also featured cartoons on the show, and on Christmas Eve, two movies would annually be shown on the program as a special episode.

Unusually, the program does not have commercial breaks, therefore commercials must take up the remaining time after the show before the next program.

It is extremely popular in its home country and in numerous other countries as well.


The show typically began with Mario doing something before adressing the audience, occasionally he'll end up messing up on his task during his introduction for humorous effect.

Afterwards, he would play episodes of cartoon shows for the audience, play guessing games and even announce contests and their winners. He would also play a music video at the end of the episode, usually a foreign music video subtitled in German or other languages depending on the country it is broadcast in.

Sometimes, an amateur video game critic (named Mr. Criticly) reviews the latest Nintendo game and usually gives negative comments. However, Mario claims the audience should not listen to his statements.

The episodes always end with a humorous goodbye and announcement of an upcoming Nintendo game or console (and/or both).

Cartoons featured

One of the more popular aspects of the show are cartoons (usually foreign) dubbed into German. The longest running cartoons playing on the show include a German dub of Doraemon, Pingu and other cartoons. The shows below are not listed as the ones that ran the longest. The list is incomplete

  1. Doraemon
  2. Pingu
  3. Anpanman
  4. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
  5. The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
  6. Super Mario World
  7. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
  8. The Legend of Zelda


The show traditionally runs two films on a Christmas Eve episode, its most popular Christmas Eve episode features the films Donkey Kong to the Rescue and the German animated movie Peterchens Mondfahrt.

The list will be added soon.

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