This page is about the console, for the game, see Toko- Lands Over Darkness

The Toko is another 9th generation console developed by Nintendo. Originally the design was a for the GameCube developed in 1997, but Satoru Iwata recently started the Toko Console Project, which began upgrading those designs. The game had parts from the GameCube, the Wii, the DSi, the Xbox and the Wii X, to make a truly amazing console. For 2014 only Microsoft and Nintendo worked together on this very special console. It includes amazing HD graphics and is compatible with a 3D TV so that you can play in 3D as well as in 2D. During the planning stage Satoru Iwata and Terry Gou designed 18 different consoles that may come into play in the future, but eventually they came up with a console that could function as a TV, a console, a tracker and even could play games from the Xbox and Wii series'. However during these early stages, they did not know how to due to differences in Disc shapes this resulted in having to have two disc slots; one at the front of the Toko box and one at the back. Eventually Iwata and Gou got down to a final two designs, the slimmer, easier to use Toko Bellez, or the bulkier, more compatible Toko Firlish. Obviously they chose the slimmer and easier to use Toko Bellez and the Xbox controller. Despite technical issues such as the memory cards not being able to fit into Windows 7 and 8 computers, the Toko finally got shown at the Nintendo 2014 meeting in Yokohama, Japan where it is estimated that 78 people out of 80 agreed that it should be released worldwide. It gained it's own Twitter account in March 2014 and by the end of that month it had well over 1,000,000 followers eagerly waiting for the announce date, which as of yet is the 14th of July 2014 in Japan and the UK, although people in other countries will have to wait another four months for the Toko to arrive due to language difficulties and also having to put the new official Toko Chrome website up in their language. 


  • MarioKart Aurora
  • Mario & Sonic: Tokyo 2020
  • Disney Party
  • Canimal- Fever

Toko Styles

The following styles are only compatible with the Toko.

Gold Pokemon

Silver Pokemon

Bronze Pokemon

Blue Pokemon

Animal Crossing






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