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Nintendo Tag-Team Racing is a racing game created by Echo Inc. It is the first Nintendo-crossover racing game, and acts as a companion game to the Super Smash Bros. series and the Mario Kart series. 


Default Tag-Teams

Names Series Description Special Item
Mario&Luigitt Mario & Luigi SSB Mario Series The Mario Brothers appear as a duo in the first Tag-Team! They are quick and dillegent, working towards the finish! Their special item is the Fire Flower, with similar affects as in Mario Kart. Don't underestimate the brothers - they'll burn you into a crisp!


Fire Flower

Yoshi&Birdott Yoshi & Birdo SSB Yoshi Series Yoshi and Birdo are taking a cruise to bruise! While half of the duo is not technically Yoshi, this does not affect the power of these speedy dinos! They are great off the road, and can yolk anyone with their exclusive Yoshi Egg! Lime Yoshi EggYoshi Egg
DK&Diddytt DK & Diddy SSB Donkey Kong Series The top dogs of Donkey Kong join together to dump everyone on their kongos! DiK & DIddy may not be the fastest around, but with brute strength they can edge anyone off the ring! Their banana item leaves little to be desired as they spin out their opponents!

Banana (Mario Kart Wii)


Unlockable Tag-Teams

Names Series Description Special Item
Bowser&Koopatt Bowser & Koopa SSB Mario Series The King of the Koopas and his loyal minion team up to tag-team the competition! These guys are the ultimate rival to the plumbers, sporting a healthy off-road and on-road game. Who can forget the Red Spike Shells - with the power to home in on any selected target!


Red Spike Shell

Wario&Monatt Wario & Mona SSB Wario Series




Fox&Falcott Fox & Falco SSB Star Fox Series



Arwing Bomb

Nana&Popott Nana & Popo SSB Ice Climber Series TBA


Golden Hammer





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