Nintendo Tag-Team RPG is a Role-Playing Game for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. You can play as your Mii to join a multitude of Nintendo Characters as they try to save the world from an evil species known as the Cosmics created by the villains.


Another World (1)

You are greeted by a peaceful voice, who asks your name and are you a boy or girl. You are then filled in saying that a horrid evil is attacking the worlds, and you must help them. So after this, you are teleported into the game.

Mushroom Kingdom (1)

You wake up in the castle courtyard, when you see a strange creature kidnapping Princess Peach, you fight it and   this is the tutorial battle. After this, Toadsworth arrives and is surprised that Mario wasn't the one to save Peach. Peach thanks you and guides you into the castle, where all the Toads thank you. Peach calls Mario to the castle, who seems to like you a lot. Suddenly, Bowser's airships fly overhead and a giant grabber grabs Peach. Mario grabs you and jumps onto the airship.

On the airship, you see more of the enemies that grabbed Peach as you venture towards Bowser's cabin. Once you and Mario reach the cabin, Bowser brags about the "power of the cosmics" and proceeds to fight you. He is beaten, but holds up a scepter, which summons a large dragon which Bowser calls the "Cosmic Serpent". It fights you with Bowser riding it. The beast is beaten, but as a final act, it whaps you and Mario into space, where Mario is forced to watch his world get devoured by shadow.

Hyrule (1)

You and Mario arrive in Hyrule, where you decide to explore the castle town. Suddenly, you see a bunch of new types of Cosmics trying to hurt a woman in an alley. You try to fight them, but you lose the fight. Suddenly, a swordsman named Link arrives at the scene and slices the Cosmics in half. The woman is revealed to be Princess Zelda, who takes you and Mario to the castle. Mario tells Zelda about his world being destroyed, which she finds out (using her psychic powers) are the Cosmics, and Ganondorf is the mastermind behind it all. Zelda requests Link to accompany you, to which he agrees. Zelda also explains that some of the worlds have been contaminated with Cosmic Power, and you must destroy the main source of the power before it gets too out of hand. Before Zelda can say where the first cosmic resource that you need is, she is stolen by Skull Kid.

Skull Kid takes Zelda to the top of a giant clock tower. While Link, Mario, and you climb it, Cosmics pop out from almost every corner. Once you reach the top, Skull Kid reveals that he is not allied with Ganondorf, he just wants the cosmics for his own amusement, he then proceeds to summon a giant pig, named the "Cosmic Boar". After the boar is beaten. Skull Kid panics and runs away. Zelda thanks you summons a large ship, saying it is from "another time", and that you, Mario, and Link must fly to Pop Star. You climb on board and the A.I. R.O.B signals take off.

However, a bunch of villains are gathered around a table, watching this through a crystal ball. Ganondorf comments on Skull Kid's foolishness, and the other villains laugh as well. Ganondorf then assigns King Dedede to go to Pop Star and stop them. King Dedede starts running out of the room, but trips before running towards his ship.

Pop Star

The ship is revealed to be called the DTV (Dimensional Travel Vehicle), and as you, Mario, and Link fly along through the cosmos, R.O.B. briefs you on the controls. You eventually fly in on Pop Star and you land. Kirby is walking through a field peacefully when the ship suddenly crash-lands right in front of him. The party explain to him that they need to eliminate the Cosmic power in the world. Kirby decides to tag along, and decides to guide you through the world, and he heads to Green Greens, with the party tailing behind. 

As you go through the greens, the Cosmics already seem to be there, fighting you whatever chance they get. As you reach the end of Green Greens, King Dedede appears and decides to use Cosmic power to bring Whispy Woods back to life. When you arrive, Dedede taunts you and unleashes Whispy upon you. He is beaten very easily, and you continue to Ice Cream Island.

On the island, more and more cosmics continue appearing. Kirby's inhale ability uncovers an odd ruin and you venture inside where, suddenly Lololo and Lalala attack you. You beat them easily, as they were hypnotized by King Dedede, they thank you and give you a warp star so you can fly into Bubbly Clouds.

In the Bubbly Clouds, You now have new trouble due to more and more cosmics appearing. As you venture on through the clouds, you are confronting by Kracko, who chases you up a huge clump of clouds, he then absorbs Cosmic Power and grows giant. You fight Giant Kracko, who, after going through two phases, is defeated. Dedede panics and decides to run away towards his giant castle.

Once you reach the castle, Dedede runs up the stairs towards a large arena, and you follow him. Once in the arena, he prepares to fight you. The battle lashes out and Dedede starts fighting. He is defeated rather easily, but suddenly he gets very angry and turns himself into Dark Dedede. He is defeated after a long battle and fades away. He drops a scepter, which Kirby preceeds to destroy. The darkness in the sky dissapears, and all is well. Kirby decides to stay with the group. 

At the villains meeting, Ganondorf is punishing Dedede for stealing the cosmic powers. Andross floats forward and offers to help out in the Lylat System, which is where the gang are going next. Ganondorf sends Andross away. 

Lylat System

As the DTV flies through the universal medium, Zelda appears on the screen and tells you that another high area of Cosmic Concentration is in the Lylat System. As you fly in you are suddenly hit by a laser blast, and Star Wolf arrive, revealed to be hired by Andross. As you try to fly away in the DTV, Star Fox arrive and agree to assist you. After the battle, Fox reveals that Star Wolf have allied themselves with Andross and the Cosmics. You agree to defeat Andross with Star Fox. As you fly through the galaxy, you are attacked by various cosmics, who seem to have highjacked various planes. As you fly further into the system, you are suddenly attacked by Cosmics piloting the Attack Carrier. After you destroy the carrier, a hologram of Andross appears saying that while you were fighting the Cosmics, his army was storming Corneria. Fox turns back to go to Corneria, and you follow him.

At Corneria, all the Venomian ships are attacking buildings. As you destroy the Cosmic Pilots, Andross homes in on you and attacks you. As you battle Andross, the floor collapses and he eventually falls to his death. Fox thanks you and you fly away as the darkness in the sky dissapears.

At the villain meeting, Ganondorf comments on how Andross had inspiring enthusiasm, but had underestimated his adversary. He tells the other villains that they must prepare to strike.


While the DTV is flying around the dimensional medium, Zelda appears on the screen telling you that there is Cosmic power in Onett. As you try to take a turn towards Onett, you get shot down by various Cosmics. You start to plummet down into Kanto.

At Professor Oak's lab, Red and his companion Pikachu are trying to pick out a Pokémon to join them on their journey (Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle) As Red is about to choose, the DTV crashes right in front of the lab, releasing the starter Pokémon from their balls. They become enraged and decide to attack, with help from Red and his Pikachu, they are beaten and returned into their Pokéballs. Professor Oak decides that since these Pokémon have already seen battle, that they belong to Red. Red celebrates and decides to go on his Pokémon journey. As you try to take off in the DTV however, the ship's parts have been scattered all across the land. You decide to travel with Red.

As you head down Route 1, Blue appears and wants to battle with Red. After a very long battle with Blue's Eevee, he is defeated and continues on his own, vowing to beat Red someday. You soon arrive at Pewter City, where Red wants to challenge the gym. When you arrive, it is revealed that Brock, the gym's leader, has one of the DTV's parts in storage, and will only give it to you if you win the battle. After challenging Brock, he loses and gives you the DTV Part and Red the Boulder Badge. Red is extremely happy, and is excited to go to Cerulean City. But suddenly, Team Rocket attacks the gym, and Brock engages them in battle, but loses. When challenged by you, they lose and flee back to their boss.

As you continue on, you see a Team Rocket grunt on a walkie talkie, with a voice talking out. A man's voice emerges from the talkie, when the grunt sees you he runs away. Red decides to continue on his own, temporarily leaving the group. As you go on without Red, you get a boat ride to Viridian City.




Diamond City

Port Town



Yoshi's Island

Hyrule (2)

Mushroom Kingdom (2)

Another World (2)

75m (DLC)

Town (DLC)


Main Party

Name Image Homeworld Moves Decription
Mii 61px-Mii Another World
  • Blade Strike - Level 1
  • Blade Tornado - Level 3
  • Blade Typhoon - Level 6
  • Blade Strike Giga - Level 9
  • Blade Finish - Level 13
Your Mii has been transported to the world of Nintendo Characters from another world, and now you must discover why you were brought there and what is your purpose for being there. All you have is a sword which gets more powerful over time.
Mario 150px Mushroom Kingdom
  • Jump - Level 1
  • Hammer - Level 2
  • Fire Mario - Level 4
  • Ice Mario - Level 7
  • Invincible Mario - Level 12
Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, and all though he doesn't speak, he is kind and helpful to all. He wields his hammer and his power-ups in battle.
Link Linkoeo Hyrule
  • Kokiri Sword - Level 1
  • Fairy Bow - Level 4
  • Bomb - Level 5
  • Boomerang - Level 10
  • Master Sword - Level 14
Link is the hero of time and one of the royal knights of Princess Zelda. He is slightly cocky and will charge into things with no idea of what will happen. He is friendly though and will always assist.
Kirby Kirby Wii Pop Star
  • Inhale - Level 1
  • Mimic - Level 3
  • Team Heal - Level 5
  • Team Ability - Level 6
  • Ultra Restore - Level 13
Kirby is the team's designated healer of the team. He is the smartmouthed nemesis of King Dedede. Kirby is cheeky and always being funny.
Luigi 150px Mushroom Kingdom
  • Ground Pound - Level 1
  • Spin Jump - Level 5
  • Ice Luigi - Level 6
  • Tanooki Luigi - Level 10
  • Poltergust Rampage - Level 14
Luigi is the cowardly brother of Mario and an advisor to Princess Peach. He is needed to fight Bowser while Mario is injured. Luigi sticks with the Party until the final battle.

Temporary Party Members

Temporary members of the party are different because you cannot level them up, they always have a designated level. They also can only be accessed in their homeworld.

Name Image Homeworld Moveset Description
Fox McCloud Star Fox (1) Lylat System
  • Blaster
  • Reflector
  • Barrel Roll
The Head of Star Fox is a fighter pilot with a serious attitude and a large sense of pride. He assists the party in defeating Andross.
Red (Pikachu, Bulbasaur -> Ivysaur -> Venusaur, Charmander -> Charmeleon -> Charizard, Squirtle -> Wartortle -> Blastoise, Snorlax, Jigglypuff) 167px-PokemonTrainerPikachu jump003VenusaurCharizard009Blastoise143SnorlaxJigglypuff Brawl Kanto
  • Thunderbolt/Bullet Seed/Flamethrower/Water Gun/Yawn/Rollout
  • Quick Attack/Vine Whip/Aerial Ace/Dig/Body Slam
  • Volt Tackle/Frenzy Plant/Blast Burn/Hydro Cannon/Giga Impact/Hyper Beam
Red is a young Pokémon trainer who wants to become the best. He can switch out which team members he uses in battle, which leads to him being a very strategic character. 
Ness NessHD Onett
  • PK Flash
  • PK Fire
  • PK Thunder
  • PK Starstorm
Ness is a psychic boy from Onett who sets out to stop the evil Porky Minch who kidnaps his friends.
Captain Olimar OlimarBlank Hocotate
  • Red Pikmin
  • Yellow Pikmin
  • Blue Pikmin
  • Purple Pikmin
Olimar is a brave space captain who gets stranded on an alien planet who needs help from the Party to survive and collect all his engine parts.
Wario Wario PNF Diamond City
  • Corkscrew
  • Wario Waft
  • Cycle Clash
  • Wario Man
Wario is a cousin of Mario and a former resident of the Mushroom Kingdom who moved to Diamond City to start his own business.
Captain Falcon FalconPAWNCH Port Town
  • Falcon Punch
  • Falcon Dive
  • Falcon Kick
  • Blue Falcon
Captain Falcon is a fast-paced racer from Port Town who wants to participate in the F-Zero Grand Prix to stop his rival Black Shadow.
Pit Pitetris Skyworld
  • Palutena's Arrow
  • Angel Ring
  • Wings of Icarus
  • Mirror Shield
Pit is an angel advisor to Palutena and a protector of Skyworld. He can use his wings to fly amongst other things.
Samus SamusAran3 Zebes
  • Missile
  • Charge Shot
  • Paralysis Ball
  • Bomb
  • Super Charge
Samus is an independant intergalactic bounty hunter and a foe of Ridley and the Space Pirates. She is resourceful and isn't afraid to voice her opinion.
Yoshi 180px-Yoshi Bowling Yoshi's Island
  • Egg Lay
  • Egg Roll
  • Ground Pound
  • Egg Throw
  • Yoshi Cannon
Yoshi is a surrogate father to Mario and Luigi and the leader of the Yoshis. He is wise and can speak in both English and Yoshish, making him a very good translator.
Jumpman (DLC) Jumpman 75m
  • Jump
  • Hammer
  • Barrel Smack
  • Team Jump
  • Hammer Quake
The Mario Bros. actual father who died when he fell off a construction building. He does not know that Mario and Luigi are his sons and helps them to save his girlfriend (later to be mother of Mario and Luigi), Pauline.
Tom Nook (DLC) Tomnook Town Tom does not have any moves, due to the fact he is available in an enemyless world. He does however have the ability to unlock the minigames you can play around the Town world. Tom Nook is a business and the runner of a minigame store in Town. Once you do a series of quests for him, he will unlock a minigame for you.


Name Image What They Do How You Get Them
Donkey Kong DK Universe (1) Donkey Kong beats his fists on the ground.  From the Banana Gem.
Baby Mario 150px Baby Mario cries and temporarily floods the batle area with water. From the Rattle Gem.
Falco Lombardi Falco Lombardi Falco flies into the arena with his arwing and fires at enemies. From the Arwing Gem.
Waddle Dee

Bandana Waddle Dee

Waddle Dee hits enemies multiple times with his spear. From the Bandana Gem.
Lucario Lucario Brawl Lucario fires aura balls at enemies. From a Pokéball Red gives you at the end of Kanto.

Important NPCS

Name Image Description and Role Homeworld
Princess Peach 150px The monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach is the first to welcome you to stay in the castle. Always kind, she is very smart and always knows what to do. Mushroom Kingdom
Princess Zelda Princess Zelda The princess of Hyrule, she is more serious than Peach is and is the one to detect if Cosmic Power is inside a world so you can go fight it. Hyrule
Meta Knight Meta Knightnewer Meta Knight is Kirby's friendly rival and a brave defender of Dream Land, he is helps the gang throughout Pop Star to find new places. Pop Star
R.O.B R.O.B. R.O.B. is the AI system on board the DTV (Dimensional Travel Vehicle). Speaking in a monotonous voice, he always can keep control of the ship. Unknown
Professor Oak FireRed LeafGreen Professor Oak Known as "The Pokémon Professor", Oak is an expert on all types of Pokémon, but has recently become very knowledgable in the Cosmics, having information on every one you find. Kanto
Blue FireRed LeafGreen Blue Professor Oak's grandson and rival to Red. He longs to become the world's best Pokémon Master and defeat Giovanni for his own gain, becoming the champion and fighting with his team of Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Victreebel, Fearow, and Weezing. Kanto
Peppy Hare Peppy643D1 A veteran pilot of the Star Fox team, Peppy can use the research system on the Great Fox to bring up the information on Non-Cosmic enemies. Lylat System
Slippy Toad Slippy Slippy sometimes appears operating the research system. Lylat System
Palutena PalutenaUprising The goddess of the sky, Palutena presides over all in Skyworld, including Pit and his work to become a hero. Skyworld


There is a main group of villains that are using the power of the Cosmics to take over the worlds, they often appear in certain worlds as bosses.

Main Group

Name Image Description Homeworld Can They Harness Cosmic Power? If So, What Form Do They Take?
Ganondorf Ganondorf (Twilight Princess) Ganondorf is the ringleader of all these baddies and an evil mastermind. He seeks to take over all the worlds so he can become the king and eternal ruler of all the worlds. Hyrule Yes Ganon
Bowser 150px Bowser assists Ganondorf in taking all the worlds for him. Bowser just wants the affections of Peach and will do anything to get it for his own reasons. Mushroom Kingdom Yes Giga Bowser
Medusa Medusa2 Medusa stands at Ganon's side as his assistant. She knows Ganon could betray him at any moment, she is always on her guard. Skyworld Yes Giant Medusa
King Dedede Kirbydedede2d King Dedede is the field agent of the villains, pursuing the party around most of the worlds. Due to his stupidity however, he does not have Cosmic Powers. He accidently summons them though and turns himself very powerful. Pop Star Yes (accidently) Dark Dedede
Waluigi Waluigi w00t Waluigi, upset at his brother for leaving him to go to the big city, teams up with the villains to take revenge on Wario. Unfortunately, Waluigi is not very good at cooperating with the other villains. Diamond City Yes (albeit he stole it) Ying-Yang Waluigi
Andross 196961-andross large Andross has joined up with the villains (for unknown reasons) and uses the cosmics to combat the Party in the Lylat System. Lylat System No
Black Shadow BlackShadow The mysterious Black Shadow teams up with the villains to seize Port Town. He is muscular and a nemesis to Captain Falcon. Port Town Yes Dark Shadow
Porky Minch 115px-Pokey Minch Clay The sadistic, childish Porky Minch kidnaps all the citezens of Onett to gain revenge on Ness for ridiculing him. He is frozen after his boss battle. Onett No
Kamek 92px-Kamek Suprised Kamek is Bowser's advisor who appears taking notes at the meetings of the villains, but it eventually fought in Yoshi's Island. Yoshi's Island No

Unassociated Villains

Name Image Homeworld Description
Skull Kid Skull Kid Artwork (Majora's Mask) Hyrule The mischevious Skull Kid steals some of the cosmics from Ganondorf to make his own small cosmic army for his own amusement. He is the villain of the first visit to Hyrule. Though he is a villain, he is not actually fought.
Giovanni FireRed LeafGreen Giovanni Kanto Giovanni is the big boss of Team Rocket, a Pokémon stealing organization. After beating him, he jumps off a waterfall but his splash isn't heard. He is currently missing.
Ridley Ridley2 Zebes Ridley is the leader of a team of Space Pirates who's simple goal is to kill Samus Aran. Ridley is incinerated and is presumed dead.
Emperor Bulblax Emperor Bulblax Hocotate Not really evil, just a natural enemy of Olimar. He is killed after his battle and is consumed by the Dweevils.
King Boo 119px-KingBooSME Mushroom Kingdom A secondary villain in the 2nd Mushroom Kingdom visit, he has imprisoned Luigi in his mansion and is using his boos to guard him.
Donkey Kong (DLC) Donkey-kong-clean 75m Donkey Kong has kidnapped Pauline and has gone to the top of a tall building. Donkey Kong often appears at the end of each floor.

Unimportant Identifiable NPCs

Name Image Homeworld
Toadsworth 150px Mushroom Kingdom
Toads Toad Brigade1 Mushroom Kingdom
Toadette 150px Mushroom Kingdom
Hylian Guards Royal Crest Castle Guard Hyrule
Marx (cameo) Marxkind Pop Star
General Pepper GeneralPepper Lylat System
Red's Mother Gold Silver Mom Kanto
Jeff Jeff Andonuts Onett
Paula Paula Polestar Onett
Poo PrincePooByJoeAdok Onett
The President 266448-200px president2 super Hocotate
Mona 103px-Mona3D Diamond City
Jimmy T. 114px-JimmyTByJoeAdok Diamond CIty
Kat and Ana Katandanabaseball Diamond City
Samurai Goroh SamuraiGorohTransparency Port Town
Magnus (cameo) Magnus Skyworld
Yoshis Yoshi1 Yoshi's Island
Birdos BirdoBoss3 Yoshi's Island



Name Image Attacks World First Found In
Cosmic Clone CosmicMario3D Cosmic Clones can assume the form of any character in your party, and use one of their attacks against them. Mushroom Kingdom
Cosmic Gladiators DarkRayman They can throw their limbs at you and rush you with their heads. Hyrule
Cosmic Mace They can throw spike balls at you and can swing chains at you. Pop Star
Cosmic Spectre Dark Boo (Super Mario and the Ludu Tree) They can come up to you and scare you. They also can bite you. Pop Star
Cosmic Pilots Cosmic Pilots can use their jetpack shells to rush into you. They also can fire lasers at you. Lylat System

Other Enemies

Name Image Attacks Homeworld
Goomba 150px Goombas can headbonk and run into you. Mushroom Kingdom
Koopa Troopa 150px Koopas can run into you or can fire their shells into you. Mushroom Kingdom
Paratroopa 150px Paratroopas can divebomb you. Mushroom Kingdom
Hammer Bro. HammerBroNSMBU Hammer Bros. can throw hammers or summon more hammer bros. to fight you. Mushroom Kingdom
Lakitu LakituNSMBU Lakitus can throw spiny eggs at you or rush you with his cloud. Mushroom Kingdom
Moblin Moblin OoT Moblins can hit you with their spears and throw their helmets like a saucer. Hyrule
Skulltula Skulltula (Twilight Princess) Skulltulas can bite you and hit you with their shells. Hyrule
Waddle Dee KMA Waddle Dee Waddle Dees can run into you and can do a tornado attack. Pop Star
Waddle Doo


Waddle Doos can do the same attacks as Waddle Dees, but can also shoot beams. Pop Star
Poppy Bros. Jr. Poppy Bros Sr KDL3D They can throw bombs and you and can jump on you. Pop Star
Kracko Jr. Kracko Jr KDL3D They can fire their spheres at you and can rush you. Pop Star
Rattata 019Rattata They can use Quick Attack and Fury Swipes on you. Kanto
Caterpie 010Caterpie They can use String Shot and Tackle on you. Kanto
Pidgey 016Pidgey They can use Cut and Aerial Ace on you. Kanto
Team Rocket HeartGold SoulSilver Team Rocket Grunt They can use any of their Pokémon on you (Koffing, Ekans, or Gastly and their evolutionary stages) and can use their Pokémon nets on you. Kanto

Cosmic Bosses

Name Image Attacks Homeworld
Cosmic Serpent Cosmicmonster The serpent can rush you and breathe fire on you. In his 2nd phase, he can hit you with his tail. Mushroom Kingdom
Cosmic Boar CosmicBoar The Boar can shoot spik es at you and can rush you. He can also jump into the air and use an earthquake attack on the ground. Hyrule
Whispy Woods WhispyWoodsy Whispy can use his roots and his cosmic roots to hit you and can inhale you. Pop Star
Giant Kracko Kracko s Kracko can zap you and can crush you with his spikes. Pop Star
Dark Dedede ShadowDededeKA3D He can make an earthquake with his hammer, and can use shadowy hands to grab you. Pop Star
Attack Carrier AttackCarrier It can fire lasers at you and can hit you with a large shadowy hand. Lylat System

Other Bosses

Name Image Attacks Homeworld
Bowser (1) BowserNSMBUnew Bowser can hit you with his claws, breathe fire on you, and stomp on you. Mushroom Kingdom
Lololo and Lalala LololoandLalala2KA3D They can push blocks into you and throw bombs at you. Pop Star
King Dedede Kirbydedede2d Dedede can hit you with his hammer and can inhale you to heal himself. Pop Star
Star Wolf WolfAssault173px-LeonAssault170px-PantherAssault1 Star Wolf can rush you in their Wolfens and can fire laser blasts at you. They also can do barrel rolls for massive damage. Lylat System
Andross 196961-andross large Andross can hit you with his hands and can slash you with his hands. Lylat System
BulbasaurCharmander, and Squirtle PokémonBulbasaur004Charmander Dream007Squirtle The three starter Pokémon can use their starting moves on you, it is a very easy battle. Kanto

Blue (Eevee)

FireRed LeafGreen Blue133Eevee Eevee can use Quick Attack, Scratch, Fury Swipes, and Shadow Ball on you. Kanto
Brock (Geodude, Onix) 120px-Brockonix Geodude can use Rock Smash and Rock Throw on you, and Onix can use Iron Tail and DragonBreath. Kanto

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