The Synthesis, otherwise known as the Nintendo Synthesis, is a home video game console in the tenth generation of consoles created by SeventhHeaven, but developed by Nintendo and Honda. It was originally announced on the 13th June 2022, and released in East Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and North America on the 20th November later that year. The Synthesis directly competes with Sony’s Playstation 6 and Apple’s iGame. Many sources describe the console as ‘a step in to the future’, ‘a masterpiece’ and ‘a console that can entertain every generation’.

The Synthesis is noted for its spectacular 8K graphics, wide variety of games and variety of extra hardware, which not only helped sell the console, but also advertise it massively, with companies such as Sonos, OnePlus, Honda and BOSE using the fact that it was compatible with the console in several adverts. The Synthesis added a Bluetooth extension just two days later, and offered it for free to people who had already bought the console without the Bluetooth extension.

In 2022 Nintendo adopted SeventhHeaven’s ZenZen project after almost going bankrupt. Honda, who was already helping develop the ZenZen, helped Nintendo continue the console by developing an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit that formerly, the ZenZen did not have. The X87 processing unit was used which made the console significantly faster and stronger. This meant that large games that would would be difficult to play on the ZenZen, would be extremely easy on the Synthesis.

Reception for the Synthesis prior to launch was generally positive, with critics praising Nintendo and Honda, for creating a system which responded to Nintendo’s fans’ needs, with things such as easy console gameplay, amiibo compatibility, backwards compatibility for the Wii U, NX, Wii and Gamecube, Media sharing, Live broadcasting, connection to handheld consoles and phones and motion sensor camera.


The launch of the Synthesis, which was on the 20th of November 2022 worldwide, was a huge success, selling 300,000 consoles in the first 48 hours of release, largely due to the strong launch titles, including Mario Kart Synthesis, Fallout 7, Metroid Prime Z, Minecraft 2, Golden Sun 5, Bayonetta 3, Hybrid Heaven 2 and Earthbound: Synthesis Version. The game was also largely successful due to the anticipation created throughout the summer of 2016 and the amount of games which have been confirmed for release on the console, such as Civilization IX, FIFA 24, the Legend of Zelda: Broken Harp and Electroworld: Console Edition.

The console received positive reviews, with critics complimenting the games, the easily accessible menu, the high quality graphics, the power of the console and compatibility with other devices.


Launch Titles

  • Bayonetta 3
  • Earthbound
  • Fallout 7
  • Golden Sun 5
  • Metroid Prime Z
  • Minecraft

Released Titles

Upcoming Titles

  • Electroworld: Console Edition
  • Animal Crossing: Stargazer's Paradise
  • Civilization IX

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