Nintendo StarGame
Developer(s) Hammy Games
Console Type handheld Console
Subtype(s) None have been confirmed...yet
A tablet with a touch screen, 3D without glasses and many downloadable apps.

Nintendo StarGame is a new generation game console made by Hammy Games Inc. It's the successor of the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. This features a tablet like the Wii U, with two screens. The console is portable like the Nintendo 3DS. You can put a compactible disk in the tablet from which side do you want to put. The graphics are similar to Wii U but they are more advanced in HD-qualities. This console includes apps too. It also supports Wii games, Wii U games and Nintendo 64 games.

Soon, there will be a new sub-console for up to 8 players named the Nintendo Nova.


Disc App

The Disc App, like in various games, is a disc channel where you can play a game compatible with Nintendo StarGame. The other compatible games that you can play are the Nintendo 64, Wii U and Wii games. You can play in the tablet with two screens as well.

Galaxy App

Like Miiverse in Wii U, Galaxy App is an another form to communicate with your friends and share ideas, photos, videos, sounds, even drawings to others. You can connect with webcam to your friends or family like Skype, ask to play a game sometimes or other stuff.

Mii Creator App

In the Mii Creator App, you can create a Mii, which is, in short, an avatar to represent you in the Galaxy App. You can customize Miis and move them around the Plaza.

Observatory App

In this app, similar to Nintendo Channel, you will see anouncements from upcoming/released games and hints or tricks from some levels. The tutorial of Nintendo StarGame will be always there. Nintendo Direct will be appear every week with some games like in Nintendo eShop. In the Observatory App, you can see various games, choose one of them as your favorite and add a small description what you like about this game. There are old games to see like NESSNESNintendo 64/DDNintendo GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and all other Nintendo consoles.

Echo App

With this app, you can make sounds with your microphone. The microphone is protected against unagreeable sounds, such as swearing. The sound will be saved first and then you can edit with special effects. You can listen your favorite music due to your SD-card too and listen the radio too. The Sound Budgie returns from the DSi and the 3DS, with a slighly new look.

Camera App

Photo Maker App is a great app for the family and friends. You can make photos due to the camera an save your photos to an album book and print photos through your printer. You can see or save your other photos from an SD-card.

Browser App

With this app, you can browse the internet.

Masterpiece App

In this app, you can make paintings. There are a variety of tools to choose from including Fill, Shape Recognition and Importer. The Sound Budgie is here as well.

YouTube App

With this app, you can watch videos via YouTube.