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No one edit ....PLEASE! BUT WE ARE BACK
Nintendo Sp. Productions
Øur LØGØ! 14 u c49 r34d th12 u c4n 91ck ur 0wn 2ymb0l..... when you join!
Type of Company Video Games Company
Founder(s) Ader176InBlack
Founded at/in 2012
Defunct at/in N/A
Owner(s) Ader176InBlack, Kitty 500000 and Sorastich
No. of Employee(s) 5
Predecessor None
Successor None
Parent Company None
Subsidiaries None

These people worked for Nintendo Sp.

Emblem/Symbol Name and NickName Beastliness
75px-MP9 Spike Bust*Funny and Beastly one Ader176InBlack or Beast* 5/5
75px-MP9 Wiggler Bust*Nice and Cool one Kitty500000 or Kitt Katt* 4/5
Samus-Aran-Metroid-No-Suit-JUSTIN-BAILEY*Fun and Awesome one Sorastitch or Sora* 5/5
146px-Whomp*Whompy and Fun one Aderparty9 or Death Bear* 2/5

75px-MP9 Blooper Bust*Lazy and Funny one

Alange95 or Bloozer*


Gizmo upsidedown *Cool and Sick (cool) one Polis Kanin or P-K* 3/5

~Info~ :/

We are back!!!  :)

Nintendosp 96

Nintendo Sp. Avatar

Mordo and rigs

Deleted Games-Super Mario Bros 2.8  :( *

Our Games- coming soon Mario Kart SLAM!! and Yoshi Jr. Party * (maybe) Regular Show Wrestling *

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