The Nintendo Soccer League is a association football/soccer league themed around Nintendo characters. It was formed in 2012 after being discussed with Clyde1998 (tbc) in 2011 by Stelios7 (tbc). The first season is currently undergoing.


Feel free to suggest a team before the season begins.

Team Name Manager First Season Stadium Capacity
FC Angel Land Zeus 1 Palutena's Temple 20,000
Animal Crossers Tortimer 1 City Stadium 19,000
Diamond City Manager Joe 1 Diamond City Stadium 35,000
Donkey Kongs Cranky Kong 1 Kongo Jungle 64,000
EarthBound FC Giygas 1 24,000
Elite Beat Agents FC Commander Khan 1 12,000
Fire Emblem Warriors 1 Telius Battlefield
F-Zero Pilots 1 Mute City Course
Hyrulers Old Man 1 Hyrule Hub 66,000
Inkopolis Squidkids 1 Blackbelly Stadia 29,800
Kirby Mega Strikers 1 Dreamland 29,800
Mushroom Kingdom FC Toadsworth 1 Peach Dome 80,000
Nintendo All-Stars FC Captain N 1 Final Destination 73,500
Phazon Suitors 1 G.F.S Olympus 39,400
Pikmen FC 1 25,000
Pokémon Pals Red 1 Nimbasa Sports Center 64,950
Punch-Out Knock-outs Doc Louis 1 Punch-Out Arena 18,000
Team Star Fox Peppy Hare 1 Corneia 32,500
Wii Sports Club Wii Fit Balance Board 1 Wuhu Island Stadium 18,700
Yoshi Eggs Cloud N. Candy 1 Yoshi's Island 24,000


FC Angel Land

The ones with the wings like to use the wings to achieve the upper hand over their opponents, playing a wide 4-4-2 formation, with heavily offensive forwards in more ways than one! Manager:

Animal Crossers

This animalistic team use their varying builds and speeds to their advantage!

Manager: Tortimer
Formation 4-3-3
GK Katrina
LB Copper
CB [1]
RB Kapp'n
LM Jack
LCM K.K. Slider
RCM Bree
RM [[Gulliver
ST [[Female Villager
ST Isabelle
ST Male Villager

Diamond City

The wackiest team around, they'll be barging you one second, spinning, tapping and butt-smashing the next. Heck, even Waluigi's joined in on Diamond City's infectious charm.

Formation 4-4-2
Manager: Manager Joe
GK Young Cricket
LB Ashley
CB 9-Volt
CB 18-Volt
RB Jimmy T.
LM Waluigi
RM Orbulon
ST Wario
ST Mona

Donkey Kongs

This teams bananas for soccer too! Using their monkeying around to their advantage with a few skins up their sleeve, the DK Crew has come to play - and what's this THE KREMLINGS TOO?

Earthbound FC

This team stinks.

Formation 4-3-1-1-1
CB Porky Minch
CB Masked Man
LCM Duster
CM Paula
RM Diddy Kong
AM Ninten
ST Lucas
CF Ness

Elite Beat Agents

The Elite Beat Agents have been out of their groove for a few years now, but that doesn't mean they can't translate their class dress style and slick moves to the astro turf floor.

Fire Emblem Warriors

Tacticians, mages, warriors and the like - the strategy behind this team is immense! Tough at the back and front... but what about the middle - the starting point?

Formation 5-0-5
Manager: Commander Kahn
GK Hardin
LB Roy
LCB Male Kamui
CB Ike
RCB Female Kamui
RB Anna
LW Marth
LS Male Robin
CF Lissia
RS Female Robin
RW Lucina

F-Zero Pilots


Inkopolis Squidkids

Kirby Mega Strikers

Mushroom Kingdom FC

Nintendo All-Stars FC

Manager: Captain N
Assistant: Master Hand
First Team Coach: Dr. Kawishima
Formation: 4-4-2
GK Sheriff
RB Prince Sable
LB Bill Trinen
CB Reggie Fils-Aime (vice-captain)
CB Starfy
RM Shigeru Miyamoto
LM Balloon Fighter
CM Popo
ST Non-Specific Action Figure
ST Satoru Iwata (captain)


GK Isaac
DF Chorus Kid
LM Dr. Lobe -
CM - Takamaru
SW - Tabuu
LCB - Lip
ST - Andy

Phazon Suitors

Pikmen FC

Pokemon Pals

Always carry a party of six with you, but of course you'll need trainers to manage them... then wait who's the manager?

Manager: Red
Formation: 4-6-0
GK Machamp
RB May
LB Serena
CB Steven Stone
CB Cynthia
RM Greninja
LM Lucario
CM Jigglypuff
CM Mewtwo
DM Charizard
AM Pikachu

Punch-Out Knockout Bouts

Who said hands weren't allowed? Try telling that to these guys, and they'll prove you wrong. Not really the orthodox formation though is it? Wait WHO PUT GLASS JOE OUT ON THE FRONT LINE?

Manager Doc Louis
Formation: 3-4-3
GK Bear Hugger
LB Glass Joe
CB Von Kaiser
RB Piston Hondo
LM Arran Ryan
LCM King Hippo
RCM Don Flamenco
RM Soda Popinski
RM Mr. Sandman
CF Little Mac
LS Disco Kid

=== Team Star Fox ===
They say defense if the best form of attack, or is it the other way around? Regardless, hear Wolf spearheading the cry Can't let you score that, err... TEAM.

Manager: ROB 64

Formation: 5-3-2

GK Andross

LB Leon Polawski

LCB Slippy Toad

CB Wolf

RCB Pigma Dengar

RB Tricky

LM Panther Caroso

CM Peppy Hare

RM Krystal

LS Falco

RS Fox

=== Wii Sports Club ===

Got the game? Been there done that? Get the soccer t-shirt. The Wii series finest characters assemble with your Mii's too! If you don't wish to use your Mii's, the Guest Mii's will join instead.

Yoshi Eggs


In addition, each team can sign players from any franchise that are merely generic species as substitutes for their team. They include.


The league was created after discussion in 2011, the league was born on Sunday, June 24, 2012. Mushroom Kingdom FC, Nintendo All-Stars FC and Mushroom Kingdom FC were transferred from the Fantendo Football League with no hesitation and other teams were beginning to be confirmed to start the season "ASAP".



  • It is a sister league to the Fantendo Football League, Mushroom and Sonic were even former members and a Nintendo based team.

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