Nintendo Smash Kart
Developer(s) The Tris Company
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Silver
Genre(s) Race

Nintendo Smash Kart is a upcoming racing game for Nintendo Silver and features the most known Nintendo characters.



Adventure Mode

Like the GP Mode in Mario Kart games,but after beat 4 tracks,you will need to beat a boss battle.  

Track Editor


  • 10/13/15: The Starting drivers are revealed.
  • 10/13/15: Sunshine Airport,Casino Palace and Cheep Cheep Lagoon are confirmed.
  • 10/13/15: Adventure Mode confirmed.
  • 10/14/15: New Items are revealed:Homing Launcher,Smart Bomb and Triple Smart Bomb.
  • 10/14/15: Katina,Boxing Ring and Pokémon Stadium are confirmed.
  • 10/14/15: LEAK IS REAL! New Items are revealed:Power Glove,Ultra Hand and Zapper.
  • 10/14/15: Hyrule Circuit and Moray Towers are confirmed.
  • 10/24/15: Ridley,Biker and F-Type are revealed.
  • 10/24/15: Golden Forest,Biosphere and Rhythm Heaven are confirmed.
  • 10/27/15 (Nintendo Direct)
    • ​Meta Knight,Boo,Will and Pac-Man are confirmed.
    • Adventure Mode is the GP mode on this game.After beat all 4 tracks,the players will need to beat a boss battle.
    • Track Editor.
  • 11/16/15: Linkle,Dark Link and Skyloft are confirmed. 


Starting Drivers

Character Size Attack Final Smash
NSKmario Medium
NSKluigi Medium
NSKpeach Medium
NSKbowser Heavy
NSKtoad Feather
NSKyoshi Light
NSKdonkey Heavy
NSKlink Cruiser
NSKzelda Medium
NSKtoon Light
NSKsamus Cruiser
NSKvillager Light
NSKfox Medium
NSKpikachu Feather
NSKred Cruiser
NSKcharizard Heavy
NSKfalcon Heavy
NSKkirby Feather
NSKballoon Light
NSKlucas Medium

Unlocking Drivers

Character Size Attack Final Smash
BooNSK Feather
LinkleNSK Medium
DarkLinkNSK Cruiser
RidleyNSK Heavy
BikerNSK Medium
MetaNSK Medium
WillNSK Cruiser
F-typeNSK.png Light
PacNSK Medium


Mushroom (Mario Kart 8) 2000px-Triforce.svg SSBBPokeball Starfoxarwingpng
SunshineNSK HeavenNSK
SkyloftNSK CasinoNSK Biosphere
GoldenForestNSK KatinaNSK
ZeldacircuitNSK CheepNSK

Battle Stages

PokestadiumNSK BoxingNSK TowerNSK



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