Nintendo Rush is a kart-racing game created by Striim Games and published by Nintendo. It will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in North America and Japan on October 27, 2014 and Europe on November 5, 2014. It is also the first game in the Nintendo Rush series and the second Nintendo racing game on the 3DS. The game is a kart-racer similar to Mario Kart, but the roster consists of characters from throughout Nintendo's history rather than focusing on a single series. 



Character Series Description Special Kart Category Status
155px-Mario Jump NSMBU
Super Mario The famous plumber brother is here to show his fellow Nintendo characters what they're messing with! He is a great balanced character, inherently being the standard set. Don't let his Mario Kart days keep you away, this Mario is a new man. Enjoy his fancy exclusive Bullet Bill kart, complete with rocket flames out of the back!   Bullet Bill Medium Starter
260px-Luigi MP9
Super Mario The Boo bustin' brother simply won't allow his brother to be the sole representative of Mario - and no one said he would play fair! Utilizing his crafty Boo Cruiser, Luigi can scare the beejeebles out of his opponents with his well-rounded stats and hypnotizing death stare. Boo Cruiser Medium Hidden
150px-Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Yoshi's Island

Yoshi's rolled on over from Mario Kart on his Rainbow Egg, the so-called "beginner's cart". He is speedy because of his lack of weight, unfortunately suffering from low handeling. Still, he's a speedy dinosaur and he's here to yolk the competition!

Rainbow Egg Light Starter
416px-OWG DK
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong It's on like Donkey Kong! This monkey maniac can bound along on-and-off road almost seemlessly, but sacrifices overall speed for it. He finally gets a spotlight to his own, without any annoying relatives. The Rambi Rider kart is certainly something special for him, he can edge opponents off the edge of every cliff! Rambi Rider Heavy Starter
Kirby The pink Puff from Dreamland hops into the blazing competition! He's the go-to guy for speed, being super speedy and having a quick kart. He suffers from control difficulty and when he's at full speed, it's hard to get him to stop! But he is here, and he's ready to kick some for Dreamland! Warp Star Light Starter
Pokémon TBA Pokékart II Light Starter
Pokémon TBA Lugia Twister Light Hidden
579px-HW Link Sword
Zelda TBA Epona Speeder Heavy Starter
515px-Hyrule Warriors - Zelda Rapier Artwork
Zelda TBA Wolf-Link Limo Light Hidden
Kid Icarus TBA Sacred Kart II Light Starter
Kid Icarus TBA Racer of Light Heavy Hidden
Metroid TBA Metroid Masher Medium Starter
C. Falcon
F-Zero TBA Blue Falcon Heavy Starter
Tom Nook
Animal Crossing TBA Train Tumbler Heavy Starter
Isabelle SSB4
Animal Crossing TBA Wooden Buggy Medium Hidden
Splatoon-Inkling Render 001
Splatoon TBA Squidmobile Heavy Hidden
Fire Emblem TBA Sword Styler Medium Hidden
Robin a
Fire Emblem TBA Tome Runner Medium Hidden

Weight Classes


  • Epona
  • Mushroom Blaster

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