This is a music playing game where you play as many popular characters that have starred in many Nintendo games. It will be released for the Wii, Nintendo DS, and the Wii360


Mario Characters:

  • Mario. Attack: Fire shoots out from instrument at opponent. Special: Rises into the air and uses guitar in a flamethrower-like fashion (while playing instrument)
  • Luigi. Attack: Green lazer shoots out of instrument at opponent. Special: Shoots green fireworks at opponent (while playing instrument)
  • Princess Peach. Attack: Throws Heart-Bomb (a heart that explodes on impact) at opponent. Special: Uses her Sonic Singing (without playing instrument)
  • Waluigi. Attack: Throws a Bomb-bom at opponent. Special: Throws instrument at opponent (obviously without playing)
  • Wario. Attack: Electricity shoots out of instrument at opponent. Special: Uses Wariobike to run over opponent (while playing)

Unlockable Characters:

  • Bowser. Attack: Blows fire at opponent. Special: Grows to Super-Bowser, runs to opponent, and stomps on opponent multiple times (without playing instrument, and is an almost guaranteed win, unless opponent has 100% life, and is then left with 1% life.


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