Nintendo RacerZ Grand Prix
Nintendo RacerZ GP
A Nintendo Crossover Racing Game!
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo eXtreme
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Series Nintendo RacerZ Series
Predecessor None
Successor TBA


Grand PrixEdit

This is obvious, as it is right on the Title. Grand Prix is a Racing Tournament where you pick a Certain Cup and Try to get the most points from 4 Races.

Unlike other Racing games, at the end of the Grand Prix, you need to defeat the Boss at the end:(Still thinking of a Name, help me out in the Comments section.)

Story ModeEdit

Unlike most Racing Games, this one has a Story Mode. The cutscenes will be in CGI, and will be at 60 FPS just like the Game's Framerate.

There will also be Boss Fights, and since this is a Racing Game; they will be VERY unique and fun Boss Fights.

Boss RushEdit

As the name suggests, you fight every boss in the game without Losing once.

There will be 3 Different Difficulties:


You fight one boss at a time, there will also be a Rest Area between every bossfight.


Just like Easy Mode, except there are NO Rest Areas.


You will fight 2 Bosses at a time, then after 1 is defeated another one spawns.

Character LineupEdit

Name Series Vehicle Char. Type
Mario Super Mario Series Standard Mario Kart Balanced
Luigi Super Mario Series Poltergust 4000 Balanced
Princess Peach Super Mario Series Birthday Girl Skill
Bowser Super Mario Series Koopa King Power
Captain Toad Super Mario Series Toad Kart Speed
Bowser Jr. Super Mario Series Clown Kart Jr. Balanced
Rosalina Super Mario Series Shooting Star Skill
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Series DK Jumbo Power
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Series Barrel Train Speed
Funky Kong Donkey Kong Series Funk Station Power
Wario Wario Ware inc. Series Wario Brike Power
Ashely Wario Ware Inc. Series Flying Broom Skill
Link Legend of Zelda Series Master-Cycle Balanced
Zelda/Sheik Legend of Zelda Series Hyrule Chariot Skill (When Zelda is used)

Speed (When Sheik is used)

Ganondorf Legend of Zelda Series Gerudo Chariot Power
Young Link/Fierce Deity Link Legend of Zelda Series Master-Cycle Jr. Speed (When Young Link is used)

Power (When Fierce Deity Link is used)

Kirby Kirby Series Warp Star Balanced
Meta Knight Kirby Series Meta-Mobile Skill
King Dedede Kirby Series Dedede Royal Limousine Power


Pokemon Series PokeBall Kart Balanced

Team Rocket

(Jessie, James, & Meowth) 

Pokemon Series Mecha-Gogoat Car


Captain Falcon

F-ZERO Series Blue Falcon Speed
Black Shadow F-ZERO Series Black Bull Power
Jody Summers F-ZERO Series White Tiger


Fox Mcloud

StarFox Series Landmaster Speed
Falco Lombardi StarFox Series Arwing (Cause he personally prefers the Air)


Wolf StarFox Series Wolfen II Power


Metroid Series


Olimar Pikmin Series SS. Dolphin Balanced
Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin Pikmin Series Balanced
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Series Speed Star Speed

Mach Rider

Excite-Bike Series Excite-Bike Speed
Aiai Super Monkey Ball Series Skill