WARNING: This game has a story that may be unsuitible for young children. You've been warned!

Purpleverse RPG: Who Framed Ness? is an upcoming RPG for the Wii. It is to be revealed at F3 2008.


In 2007, Nintendo hired a young female developer named Hiroko Aoki to make an RPG for the Wii. She considered making a fifth game for the Mother series, but she was worried that the story she came up with would be too different from the other games in the series- it would involve Ness being framed for attacking a singer named Venus. In February 2008, Masahiro Sakurai (Whose development team Sora had just finished Super Smash Bros. Brawl), offered to help Aoki make the game but put in more characters. She agreed, and the two of them began working on the game the following month.
After recieving various negative feedback from various game reviewers who tested an early version of the game, it was cancelled and handed over to Purpleverse Inc.
Eventually, Purpleverse Inc. began to redesign the game, tying it in with the Neverworld series. A new plot was designed, in which Ness is blamed for murdering Gabrielle, a wannabe Earth Spirit. The game was released in early August 2008.


Gabrielle, an Earth Spirit who believes she's a goddess, is killed by a PK Thunder to the face. As this is Ness's trademark move, all the evidence points to him. Paula refuses to believe this, and hires Daisy- who became a detective in Mario Mysteries- to investigate. She discovers a web of corruption and crime that leads directly to... Sonic the Hedgehog.


The game plays similar to Paper Mario, with each character in each chapter having up to five partners at a time. A few elements from other RPGs include scrolling HP counters from the Mother games. There are also team attacks like in the Mario and Luigi games.