Nintendo RPG: Legion of Dark Knights
Developer(s) Beanstalk Inc. Logo
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) WiiULogo
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Story Mode

Training Mode

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Genre(s) RPG
Series Nintendo RPG
Predecessor None
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Media Included Dream Dubious Disc SpriteDwnloadapp

Nintendo RPG: Legion of Dark Knights is a Beanstalk Inc. RPG developed for the Wii U and published by Fantendo. It takes place on the planet Fae in the Infinita galaxy, and stars some of Nintendo's most famous characters, all fighting to stop the "Legion of Dark Knights". Most Nintendo series get a representation, even if they are not playable characters. Not only will it be avaliable as a physical release, but purchasable on the Nintendo eShop at launch. The release window will be late 2014 to early 2015.



Chapter 1: Man of The Mushroom Land

Chapter 2: Hyrule Horror

Chapter 3: Turn The Lights Out, It's Dreamland

Chapter 4: Pokèmonsters

Chapter 5: Skyworld

Chapter 6: Aran Away From Ridley



Overworld Controls
Button Action
AbuttonWiiU/Ybuttonwiiu Equipped Overworld Tool
BbuttonWiiU/XButton Jump
Circlepad/16px-Wiimote Dpad1 Move


When traveling throughout Fae, you will be using the overworld. SImilar to Final Fantasy, you will walk around the overworld, traveling the lands with the occasional randomly occuring battle. The overworld involves traveling the knightmade Planet Fae, with areas imitating lands from Nintendo games, such as DreamlandHyrule, or Donkey Kong Island. There are basic obstacles in the way, such as trees, rocks, or pits. Some overworld tools may be used to progress through the game, like hammers or axes.

Battle System

The battle system present in this game is comparable to that of the first two Paper Mario games. The battles are turn based, and each party has a chance to input attacks, defenses, special moves, fleeing, items, etc. before both teams get to execute their actions. Items do appear from a diverse range of Nintendo series and games, and are able to be bought from shops throughout the planet, won from battles, or found. Like Pokèmon, you are given battle points to execute attacks, but unlike the series BP are renewed for every battle.Battle System

Battles occur randomly as you wander the world, with the exception of triggered battles. Triggered battles are triggered by some sort of event, like walking into an area where a boss is located or selecting trading mode. Performing an action, say, cutting a tree or moving a boulder may trigger a fight if they are valuable plot points.

When battles are won, experience points , items , and Coins can be rewarded to the player, like in traditional RPG games. Harder and more powerful enemies and bosses will yeild better and more plentiful plunder; likewise lower-class pawns will reap you less dough and valuables. In the event that you lose a battle, you will spawn in the nearest inn or at the nearest checkpoint.

Aura System

One unique aspect of this game is the aura system. An aura is a super-combo that does massive damage on opponents. It is a trainable abiity, meaning you can make it more likely to happen. There is no definitive way to trigger an aura attack, as it is by random chance when you attack. Each character has their own specific aura attack, comparable to Final Smashes of the Super Smash Bros. series. When you first accept a character into your party, they have a 0.5% chance of an aura attack. Winning one training battle when focusing on aura chance usually gains you 0.1% - 0.3% more, for a maximum of 7.5%. These percentages are taken into account every time you perform an offensive attack, not specific moves. It does not account for defensive moves.

Experience System

The experience system in this game was originally based off of the Mario and Luigi games, with stat points expanding as you level up. However, with the introduction of the training system into the game, the Mario & Luigi system was scrapped for an original design. Most stat points are no longer affected by the level of a party member. As you gain experience points, you will eventually level up (starting at Level 1 and ending at Level 35). When you level up, your health and BP expand perimeters, allowing for better battle performance. Also, attack damage is slightly raised when you level up, making it the most easily expanded trait in the game.


Story Mode

Training Mode

The training mode is a mode outside of the main story mode that involves training your party members to increase stats. You can focus on special stats or do an all around (but less powerful) boost. You can boost the stats by defeating a training dummy. It's not free to train; you must buy training sessions with coins. The more you pay, the higher level training dummy and better payout. These are the avaliable stat boosts: Attack Power, Defensive Power, Speed, Combo Chance, and Aura Chance. 


Party Members

As you progress through the game, you will pick up characters that you can use in battle. There will be 10-16 characters that you can rescue from The Legion. The first eight neccesary to the plot, but the rest are unlockable in extra chapters and quests after the game. You can only have eight member in your party at once.

Image Name Series Description Status Accessibility
Marioinsupermariosupermario3dsupermarioworld Mario SSB Mario Series Mario is the main character in the Super Mario series and he has teamed up with several other Nintendo Icons in order to free the the Nintendo characters and Fae from the Legion of the Dark Knights . He is the original party member, and one of the only good Nintendo characters not captured and held captive by the Dark Knights. Original Party Member Default (Chapter 1)
Link garridk Link SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Link, the hero of time and the savior of Hyrule , bands together with Nintendo's greatest to defeat the dreaded Dark Knights. He is captured by Dark Skull Kid and held captive in Hyrule Castle. Mario quickly saves him and they start towards Dreamland to rescue another friend. Second Party Member Chapter 2
Kirby garridk Kirby SSB Kirby Series Kirby, the beloved savior of Dreamland, was stolen away in his sleep by Dark Dedede, until he is rescued by fellow Nintendo icons Link and Mario. He is the third member to join the party, and his ready to exact his revenge! Third Party Member Chapter 3
20110526012846!Ash Pikachu Pikachu SSB Pokémon Series The lovable mouse Pokèmon, Pikachu, has gone missing! It appears that Dark Mewtwo hasn't truly captured him! Once the gang fines him stranded in the Sparkling Sea, he joins the party the foil the Dark Knight's plans!  Fourth Party Member Chapter 4
Pit3 Pit SSB Kid Icarus Series The fallen angel of Skyworld has been manipulated and has teamed up with Dark Hades to destroy all of the gods. This means the party is faced with the difficult task of freeing Pit from his mind control. Fifth Party Member Chapter 5
Samus Aran Samus Aran SSB Metroid Series The large-and-in-charge lady bounty hunter is out for blood after being locked up by the ridiculously neo Space Prison by the ghastly Dark Ridley! The party is in charge of freeing the helpless Samus Aran without alerting the prison's security! Sixth Party Member Chapter 7
Yoshi M&SPD Yoshi SSB Yoshi Series TBA Seventh Party Member Chapter 8
DonkeyKongSSB4 Donkey Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series TBA Eighth Party Member Chapter 9

LittleMacVR Little Mac SSB Punch-Out Series TBA Additional Party Member Chapter 10 (Bonus)
OlimarSSB4 Olimar SSB Pikmin Series TBA Additional Party Member Chapter 11 (Bonus)
Lucinau Lucina SSB Fire Emblem Series TBA Additional Party Member Chapter 12 (Bonus)
Wario Wario SSB Wario Series TBA Additional Party Member Countless Coins Sidequest


Image Name Series Description Status Chapter
DarkBowser Dark Bowser SSB Mario Series TBA Miniboss Chapter 1
DarkKnight1 Dark Blade SSB Super Smash Bros. Series TBA Boss Chapter 1