Nintendo RE
Developer(s) The 77 Shadow Maces
Console Type tower console.
Subtype(s) Base (Bs), Super (Su), Mega (Me)
touch screen controllers with customizable grips, full expansion slot.
Backward Compatibility all older Sega consoles and Nintendo Gamecube
Forward Compatibility with Wii U

The Nintendo RE is a new Nintendo console adopted from the Sega REVIVE project (thus explaining it's cartrige slot). The main reason for Nintendo adopting the RE is that Sega didn't want the trouble of another console, despite the REVIVE's power (it far out-classed all current consoles). (Please note there will be pictures later, and they will be completely hand-drawn).


The controller on thr RE is a very sleek crossover of the Wii U controller and the Sega dreamcast controller, with a 4.3 inch full HD capacative touch screen (it has special capacative screen styluses under the screen in a cradle). A first on a controller is the completely customizable grips, with multiple types (gell, soft etc.), styles (grippy, smooth etc.), and colours to choose from. It also has special batterys in it for portable play, with unique minigames included on all RE disks, and unique whole games available from the app centre.


Thr RE controller has a special feture alowing portable play achieved by unclipping the screen from it's cradle behind the front facia of the controller (don't worry pictures will make this make sense). It is currently capable of running specialist apps, playing music, and also doubles as an ebook reader.


One of the main features of the RE is the App centre, where you can buy apps and games online. You can also play games at the same time and multiple download. Another feature of downloads is the full steam intergration with a client add-on for the RE's GUI. The App centre also has a premium version called "pREmium" that will entitle users to exclusive pre-orders, deals, and also one unique free app/game per month.

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