Nintendo Princesses is a Nintendo Wii U platformer made by Twenty-Second Choice and Vined Inc., featuring Nintendo princesses as the main characters and other Nintendo females in a supporting role.

Known information




  • Samus Aran - Seen in Twenty-Second Choice trailer
  • Candy Kong - Seen in Twenty-Second Choice trailer
  • Leaf - Confirmed with announcement


Unknown Role

  • Princess Lana - Confirmed on Vined website, said that her appearance was not what you would expect [1]


  • Eight Princesses of Fate are destined to save the world.
  • A group of evil princesses (only a few are known) plots together to take over the world, they can only be stopped by the Princess of Fate.
  • Seven of the eight princesses represent eight different environments: Urban (Peach), Desert (Daisy), Space (Rosalina), Forest (Zelda), Sky (Elincia), Tundra (Kumatora). [pineapple], and Lumi (Cloud).

  • The Wii remote is used with the nunchuck.



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