Nintendo Prima
Developer(s) Project Eternity
Console Type Handheld Console
Nintendo Prima is the new handheld console, created by Alange. It's the new successor of Nintendo 3DS. With 10 times the capacity of Nintendo 3DS, it's the most powerful handheld console of history. Its internet server is Nintendo Network. It's available in 3 starter colours: Pure White, Chaos Black and Leaf Green. There will be other two new colours: Rubi Red and Metallic Indigo.

Nintendo Prima Apps

  • Prima Photo
  • Prima Music
  • Nintendo E-Shop
  • Prima Video
  • Nintendo Watch
  • Nintendo AR Games
  • Mii Factory
  • Mii Plaza
  • Nintendo Internet
  • Face Riders 2.0.
  • Nintendo Mailing
  • Eurosport Channel
  • Nintendo Cartoons
  • SEGA Cartoons
  • Friend Mode
  • Collaborating Prima
  • Nintendo News
    • Nintendo Direct Channel
  • Nintendo Chat



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