The Nintendo Pluto is a 9th generation console and the succsesor to the Wii U. It has four different controllers. It will have a cloud computing system called the Pluto Satellite

Games compatible

New Super Mario Bros 3

Super Smash Bros Pluto

Tails' Fox-venture

Kirby Double Time

Mario Kart: Pi Edition

The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Scribblenauts Marvel Universe

LEGO Nintendo Heroes

(more on the way)


It has 4 different controllers:


The main controller. It looks like a Virtual Boy controller with a chrome paint job. Also comes in red, blue, green, and yellow.


Used for baseball, golf, tennis and boxing games.


Used for Scribblenauts and simaller drawing games


Comes with a customizable Mii-like figure, and is used for racing games

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