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Nintendo Plays ATOB

The Logo

Nintendo Plays: All Types Of Boarding! is a snowboarding and skateboarding game featuring many different Nintendo characters in the Nintendo Plays: (series).


There is 10 characters in each series.

Mario/Yoshi/Wario/DK Series

Zelda Series

Kirby Series

Pokemon Series

Animal Crossing Series

Other Series


Skate Board Parks

Snow Board Hills

  • Boardville
  • Kakariko Village
  • Summit
  • Galaxy Mountain
  • Icicle Mountain


These can change over times of the year so in Spring/Summer it will be Skate Board and the remaining two seasons are Snowboard.

  • Snowpoint City
  • Mahogany Town
  • K.K. Arena
  • Link's Training Forest
  • Twinleaf Town

Special Items

There are 8 special items.

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