Nintendo Party
Developer(s) Zodiac Productions
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)

Minigame Others TBA

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Party
Media Included Disc

This is a game by SuicuneRider14.


Like a lot of party games, the controls differ depending on what you are doing.

On the board, you move around with a dice, which has the numbers 1-7.

Inbetween turns, you can attack other players to reduce HP for every minigame you won. Each character has 100 HP at the start, which can be raised with minigame wins or buying stuff. Characters have different attacks that reduce both HP (With Power) and Coins (With Knock). They also start off with 15 coins and 20 points.

Depending on how good you do in minigames, you get 5-15 points. These points are fuel for attacks.

Like in Super Smash Bros, there are Pallete swaps for every character. There are 6 for each.


  • Blue: It gives whoever lands on it 3 coins, similar to in Mario Party.
  • Red: Removes 3 coins, similar to Mario Party.
  • ?: Green in color with a "?" on it, a special effect happens, similar to Mario Party.
  • Casino: Gold in color with a ", you can sacrifice Coins, Points, or Health to potentially get more, or lose them.
  • Shop: Purple in color, you can buy items whenever you pass or land on the space. If you land on the space, you get 1/10 of the money every player spent in that specific shop.

Playable Characters

The limit per franchise is 5, just as a note to self.

Name Desc.

Unlockable? (With requirments)

Mario (Mario) Mario is mainly power based, with some knock of coins. He is a basic character, with the common win cost of 10, then 20, then 30. No
  • Punch - 10 Power, 2 Knock, 10 Point
  • Cape - 14 Power, 3 Knock, 20 Points
  • Fire - 16 Power, 4 Knock, 30 Points
Luigi (Mario) He mainly knocks coins off of opponents for attacks, and is rather weak. He has the same costs as Mario. No
  • Punch - 4 Power, 5 Knock, 10 Point
  • Tail - 8 Power, 7 Knock, 20 Points
  • Ice - 12 Power, 7 Knock, 30 Points
Peach (Mario) Her attacks are very weak, but she can knock out a lot of coins. No
  • Smack - 1 Power, 8 Knock, 10 Point
  • Peach Bomber - 2 Power, 13 Knock, 20 Points
  • Peach Blossom - 5 Power, 20 Knock, 40 Points
Daisy (Mario) Yes, buy for 500 coins
Waluigi (Mario) Waluigi is number one. He has variety. He can also quickly get health and coins depleted, as it is balanced.  Yes, buy for 500 coins
  • Tennis Shot - 5 Power, 6 Knock, 10 Point
  • Golf Shot - 10 Power, 7 Knock, 20 Points
  • Dolphin Dive - 15 Power, 16 Knock, 45 Points
Yoshi (Yoshi) No
  • Gulp - 3 Power, 5 Knock, 10 points, Coins and Health are added to his.
Donkey Kong (DK) No
Diddy Kong (DK) Yes buy for 450 coins
Wario (Wario) No
Ninten (Mother) No
  • PSI Magnet - 4 Power, 3 Knock, 10 points, Coins and Health are added to his.
  • PK Freeze Beta - 14 Power, 5 Knock, 20 Points.
  • PK Beam Gamma - Infinite Power, 0 Knock, 75 Points
Ness (Mother) No
  • PK Fire Beta - 4 Power, 9 Knock, 10 Points.
  • PK Rockin Alpha - 10 Power, 4 Knock, 20 Points.
  • PK Rockin Omega - 50 Power, 35 Knock, 60 Points.
Jeff (Mother) Yes, beat Battle Mode twice, once with Ninten, and once with Ness
Lucas (Mother) No
  • PK Flash - 9-99 Power, 6-66 Knock, 15 Points, Varies in strength
  • PK Thunder Beta - 7 Power, 13 Knock, 20 Points, Hits a selected opponent and the nearest opponent to the user (May be the same one)
  • PK Love Omega - 40 Power, 40 Knock, 50 Points
Kumatora (Mother) Yes, buy for 750 coins
Pikachu (Pokemon) No
Riolu (Pokemon) Yes, random prize for beating a Battle Mode level
Meowth (Pokemon) Yes, do a random series of events on menu screens (Click on a pokeball, look around in the shop and find a Meowth doll, dial POKEMON on the phone in the shop, and click on the river on the main menu screen)
Togepi (Pokemon) Yes
Olimar (Pikmin) Yes, random prize for beating a Battle Mode level
  • Red Pikmin - 8 Power, 6 Knock, 11 Points
  • Yellow Pikmin - 5 Power, 10 Knock, 8 Points
  • Pikmin Swarm - 25-50 Power, 20-35 Knock, 25 Points, Varies in strength
Captain Falcon (F-Zero) Yes, random prize for beating a Battle Mode level
  • Falcon Punch - 10 Power, 10 Knock, 13 Points
  • Falcon Kick - 8 Power, 14 Knock, 13 Points
  • Blue Falcon - 35 Power, 40 Knock, 65 Points, hits all opponents
Samus (Metroid) Yes, random prize for beating a Battle Mode level
Miciah (Fire Emblem) Yes, random prize for beating a Battle Mode level
Marth (Fire Emblem) Yes, random prize for beating a Battle Mode level
Alph (Pikmin) No
  • Winged Pikmin - 7 Power, 10 Knock, 10 Points
  • Rock Pikmin - 13 Power, 16 Knock, 17 Points
  • Pikmin Swarm - 20-40 Power, 25-45 Knock, 25 Points, Varies in strength
Lyn (Fire Emblem) No
Ephraim (Fire Emblem) No
Fox (Star Fox) No
Villager (Animal Crossing) No
Paper Mario (Mario) Yes; DLC for 0.35


General info Description Gimmick/? Space effect

Peach's Castle

Mario Series

225 spaces



Earthbound Series

125 Spaces


Mt. Silver

Pokemon Series

275 Spaces



Zelda Series

150 Spaces



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