Nintendo Park Arabia or commonly Nintendo Park, is indeed a largest Nintendo-themed amusement park, located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The park is owned and operated by Sheikh Abdul Rahman Fakieh, under license from Nintendo. It is mainly divided into "Worlds" and "Lands" based on Nintendo's most popular franchises, but the overlooked ones also get some recognition. The slogan of the park is "The Video Game Experience"

Park's locations

Nintendo Park is divided with 10 different locations.

Nintendo City

Nintendo City is a section which is an entry of Nintendo Park, similar to Disney's Main Street USA section at the Disney parks. It also contains attractions, shows, and dinning.


  • Nintendoseum
    A walk-through attraction displaying the history of Nintendo. Map info: Learn through the history of Nintendo from its original trading cards to the current video games.
  • Metroid: The Ride
    A steel rollercoaster based on the Metroid series. Map info: TBA
  • Nintendogs: Live
    A dog show featuring performances by real-life dogs. Map info: Cheer and howl for the doggone amazing performance by those cuddliest canines.
  • Star Fox Mission
    An interactive motion-simulator ride based on Star Fox franchise. Map info: TBA
  • F-Zero: The Ride
    A steel rollercoaster based on the F-Zero games. Map info: TBA
  • The Super Smash Bros. Tournament
    An annual game competition for die-hard Super Smash Bros. fans, held at 7:00 PM nightly from January 2 to April 31. Map info: TBA
  • Pikmin Playground
    A children’s play area based on the Pikmin series. Map info: Become small as you play and venture through grassy play area home to the Pikmins.
  • Nintendo Arcade
    An indoor arcade featuring Nintendo-exclusive arcade games, past and present. Map info: Step right in to the arcade filled with the collection of these unforgettable Nintendo games that you can play and challenge.
  • Nintendo of the Sky
    A nighttime fireworks show which features a medley of Nintendo popular games and franchises. Map info: TBA
  • Nintendo All-Star on Parade
    A parade show featuring Nintendo characters. Map info: Be entertained at greet your favorite characters as TBA


  • Nintendo Princess Boutique
    A boutique store.

WaraWara Plaza

WaraWara Plaza is the hub area from which many of the Worlds can be accessed. There are speakers playing menu music, billboards displaying guests' Miiverse posts, and shops where you can buy general memorabilia and rare amiibo.

Mario World

Through Princess Peach's Castle is Mario World! Based on the Mario series, and as well as its spin-offs like Yoshi and Wario, guests can explore the Mushroom Kingdom, race go-karts, explore a mini-universe, and even meet Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, and other world-famous characters!


  • World 1-1
    Run and jump through a high-tech recreation of World 1-1 from the classic Super Mario Bros.! Stomp Goombas, hit blocks, and collect coins as you go for the Goal Pole. Map info: TBA
  • Super Mario Ride
    A trackless 3D/drak ride. Map info: Join Mario and Luigi to venture through the Mashroom Kingodom to save Princess Peach from Bowser.
  • Mario Kart: Race Track
    A racing car ride attraction allows guest to choose the series of life-sized replica of karts inspired from the Mario Kart series. Map info: TBA
  • Mini Kart Bumpers
    A bumper car ride aimed at younger riders. Map info: TBA
  • Luigi's Mansion
    An interactive shooting-gallery haunted house dark ride where guests can capture ghosts with the Poltergust 5000. Map info: TBA
  • Yoshi’s Carousel Island
    A Yoshi-themed carousel ride. Map info: Hop on the Yoshis to ride around the island.
  • WarioWare Funhouse
    An interactive funhouse walkthrough hosted by Wario and his gang from the WarioWare series. Map info: TBA

Donkey Kong Jungle

Donkey Kong Jungle, a World based on the Donkey Kong series.


  • DK Jungle River Rapids
    A river-rapid water ride. Map info: TBA
  • Diddy & Dixie Kong’s Treehouse
    A children’s playground hosted by Diddy and Dixie Kong. Map info: TBA

Hyrule Kingdom

Hyrule Kingdom is a World based on The Legend of Zelda series.


  • The Legend of Zelda: The Stunt Experience
    A stunt show. Map info: TBA

Dreamland: Kirby's World

Dreamland: Kirby's World is based on the Kirby series.


  • Flying Kirby
    A Dumbo-style ride themed to Kirby. Map info: Take a flight around Dreamland.

Shops and restaurants

  • Kirby Café

Pokémon World

Venture out into the Pokémon World, where you can battle trainers, catch sweet collector's items, and solve puzzles to progress through the region. Or visit the Pokémon Center's restaurant, home to dishes based on fan-favorite Pokémon items and collectibles!


  • Pikachu's Playland
    An outdoor children's play area hosted by Pikachu. Map info: TBA
  • Pokémon: 4D Quest
    An interactive 3D/walkthrough attraction. Map info: TBA
  • Pokémon Adventure
    A rollercoaster where you get sent through the Pokemon world, while avoiding wild Pokemon like Gyarados, Dragonite, and Hydreigon. Map info: TBA

Shops and restaurants

  • Pokémon Center
    A typical Pokémon Center with a restaurant on the second floor.
  • Poké Mart

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing contains a variety of locations to visit and villagers to meet. People can also play fun minigames and buy rare items after taking a boat to Tortimer Island.

Shops and restaurants

  • Animal Crossing Café
  • Tortimer Island Shop


Inkopolis is a section based on Splatoon.


  • The Turf War Competition
    An annual interactive laser tag game show attraction allows Splatoon fans, age 8 to up, to become teams to challenge each other. It occurs every summer season from May 30th – September 20th. Map info: TBA
  • Encounters of Squids and Other Cephalopods
    This indoor aquarium contains exhibits of real cephalopods like squids, cuttlefishes and octopuses. Map info: TBA
  • The Squid Sisters Live
    An outdoor rave dance party performance occurs every weekend nights, and hosted by the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, from Splatoon, with a use of holographic technology. Map info: TBA
  • Octo Valley Mission - An interactive 3D shooting gallery dark ride based on a Hero Mode from the game.
    Map info: Sport on your Squid Goggles and hop on a car for your mission to TBA
    Height restriction: 47"

Shops and restaurants

  • Booyah Base
    A replica marketplace based on Splatoon's mall of the same name, which contains the series of four gift stores that sells Splatoon-exclusive merchandise. The stores, that’re inspired from the game, includes Ammo Knights, which sells toys, water guns and games, Cooler Heads, which only sells hats and other headwears, Shrimp Kicks, which only sells shoes and other footwears, and Jelly Fresh, which only sells clothing/apparel.

NES Land

NES Land is a section about anything NES related.


  • R.O.B. World
    A large area in the center of the section that has a giant R.O.B. statue and many NES consoles with R.O.Bs on them. You can play Gyromite and Stack-Up here. Map info: R.O.B. was more than a Mario Kart racer or a Smash Bros. fighter!
  • Pixelator
    A museum about any and all of the NES's history (even the ones related to unlicensed games and bootlegs). Every time a game is named, there is an NES right besides it for you to play that game. Map info: From the beginnings to the NES Classic Edition!
  • 8-Bit Park
    An outdoor children's play area. Everything is painted with the NES's color pallete, and they're designed to look pixel-y (but still safe for kids). Map info: Let your kids play in this pixel wonderland!
  • Famicom Zone
    A place dedicated to all of the version differences between games and consoles in different areas. Map info: Did you know that China's NES is called Comboy?
  • The Duck Hunt Shooting Gallery
    A laser-shooting gallery based on the Nintendo Entertainment System classic, Duck HuntMap info: TBA
  • Excitebike: The Stunt Experience
    A motorcycle stunt show based on ExcitebikeMap info: TBA

Nintendo Hotel

Next-door to Nintendo Park is a themed hotel contians four rooms based on Nintendo franchises like Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Pokemon.


Nintendo Park Annual Pass

Nintendo Park Annual Pass (NPAP) is a season pass ticket for Nintendo Park.

Mario's Run Pass

Mario's Run Pass is an equivalent to Disney's Fastpass and Universal's Express, which allows guests to skip lines in any attraction in the park.