Nintendo Pandora
Developer(s) Nintendo logo 1
Manufacturer(s) Nintendo logo 1
Product Family Nintendo logo 1
Console Type Portable-Home hybrid
Generation 9th
Storage 128gb for Normal White, Red, Yellow, Black| 256gb for Newer Super Mario Bros. U bundle (Red Only)
Release Date(s)
Worldwide January 30th, 2019
Discontinued TBA
Units sold 1 billion as of December 25th, 2023
Best selling game Newer Super Mario Bros. U (Jebarul)
Backward Compatibility Codename NX, Wii U
Forward Compatibility Nintendo Omega
Predecessor Nintendo Switch
Successor Nintendo Omega

The Nintendo Pandora (Codename Panther) is the second Ninth Nintendo console.

It's predecessor is the Nintendo Switch.


20cm Cartridge Slot

3.5 mm headphone jack


PandoOS is the Operating System (OS) of The Nintendo Pandora.

It's current version is V 1.0.


Test - March 23rd, 2018

Miiverse - Discontinued January 7th, 2022

PandoShop - A gaming and theme shop.

V 1.0