Nintendo PC is a computer-hardware on Nintendo. (But it's Fantendo.). It's on computer. You know, PC is a computer gaming hardware. So, here you go. Nintendo PC can use a controller, but I'll show you later.


The Nintendo PC can use a controller and a keyboard to control the Nintendo system. With the controller, use the joystick to move and use buttons to jump and attack. And the keyboard, use the space to jump, left, right, up and down to move and W, A, S and D to attack. The game menu is not available, because the computer doesn't have a game menu. When there's a downloadable game, it's has a secret disk that you can play any downloadable games. The customable players will be not each games, but any PC games with sports and more active games. But you can create your own customable player on the PC games with sports and more.

PC Sports Information


Ben Roderick Games

The creator of the Nintendo PC will do games sometimes. Just only some games might be some new categories like Western and Mature. But might be Action and more.





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