The Nintendo Omini is an international handheld device made by Wario Inc. and published by Nintendo. It is quite similar to the 3DS and a phone, making it similar to a tablet as well as a handheld video game system. It comes in 4 colors mainly, Shadows Black, Forest Green, Ocean Blue, and Volcano Red. 

Nintendo Omini
Developer(s) Wario Inc.
Console Type Handheld
Release Date(s)
Backward Compatibility 3DS, DS


  • High specs
  • Phone like operation
  • Very large Virtual Console
  • Backwards compatibility with DS and 3DS games
  • Fast internet
  • Apps
  • Supports the cloud
  • Displays HD
  • Runs regular DVDs
  • Lightweight
  • 3D


A portable console by Wario Inc. was in the works for a long time, almost back to the creation of the Nintendo Omega. At the 2013 convention, Fantendo Iterum Wario Inc. was to announce something called Project Nano. However, no announcement was made. A final grand annnouncement happened a few weeks later and more info on the portable system was released as time went on.


A fast running internet browser comes with the console. The shop is Wario Inc.World and the Virtual Console. Nintendo Network and StreetPass Plaza exist with the same features. Many games also support online multiplayer. Flipnote  Studio has returned with no features as well.


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