Nintendo OS
Developer(s) Nintendo
Manufacturer(s) Insaneware
Product Family Nintendo OS
Console Type Operating system
Generation Eight
Storage Minimum 25 GB
Online Connectivity Yes
Release Date(s)
January 28, 2017 (Japan)

February 28, 2017 (Everywhere else)

Memory Minimum 4 GB
Backward Compatibility All Nintendo consoles
Nintendo OS is the operating system run by Nintendo Computers. It can run any Nintendo console game through the disc/cartridge area included in most computers, if not as an addon. Emulators could also be used, however Nintendo does not provide complete support for emulators.

Exclusive Software


Miiverse comes pre-packaged on all Nintendo OS computers. At setup, you can create a Mii or link it to a Nintendo account, all of which can be changed later.

Nintendo eShop

As with more recent Nintendo consoles, the eShop lets you buy games for use on Nintendo OS, with even some exclusive games for Nintendo OS systems.

Nintendo Pioneer

Nintendo Pioneer, shortened to Pioneer mosttimes, is the built-in Internet browser. It behaves similarly to other Internet browsers on Nintendo consoles, except to computer standards where plugins can be installed. Extensions are also supported with programs on the market like adblockers and censorers.

Mario Antivirus

The built-in antivirus software. It scans for viruses, then you can either deal with them normally or play a level of Mario where defeating enemies destroys a virus.

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