Nintendo O
Nintendo O logo
Nintendo O's logo.
Developer(s) IceDo Inc.
Console Type Home Console
Subtype(s) None
Home console, Wi-Fi connection
Backward Compatibility Wii
Forward Compatibility Nintendo O CD

The Nintendo O is a video-gaming console, created by IceDo Inc. It was first released on June 20, 2012 all over the world. This console includes the O Sports game, two controlers and an instruction book written in 5 languages.


The nintendo O is a gaming console, much like the wii, but the controller has got a lot of changes unlike the menu. The console uses the same online store as the nintendo 3DS, the nintendo eShop. In the nintendo eShop channel you can download or buy a lot of stuff like exclusive videos or funny minigames and images.

The nintendo O controller

The nintendo O controller has got brand new style and design. As many of the other nintendo systems it has the A, B, Y and the X buttons. The color of this controller is the same as the color of the console.


IceDo Inc

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