The Nintendo NintePC is a laptop-style console made by nintendo designed as a laptop, with internet connection and whatnot, but with console functionality. You can still download games off of the internet, keeping the freedom of a classic laptop, however Nintendo games act just like Nintendo games do normally.


The NintePC has the classic laptop design. The "Key Glow" is a design choice which, like the "Lazer" brand of keyboards and mice, has the keys and the end of the laptop glow (when lid closed but laptop still on) in a certain color depending on the bundle you get it in. The rims also glow, which can have a different or the same color of the keys.


Name Color Bundled With Cost
Standard Edition White with Blue Rims and Key Glow 20$ NinteShop Gift Card 250$
Dark Edition Black with Purple Rims and Key Glow 20$ NintePC Gift Card 250$
Christmas Edition (Limited Christmas) Red with Green Rims and Key Glow Mario Kart: Paper Power & Present Amiibo (Random Amiibo) 280$
Red, White & Blue (Limited 4th of July, America only) White, Red Rims and Blue Key Glow. 20$ EShop Gift Card 250$
Kirby Kit

Parts & Functions

The NintePC is compact and serves many functionalities other than as a console/laptop hybrid.

Under the keyboard is a button. Clicking this will pop out the NintePC controller, which serves as the ultimate controller for its games.

Next to the keyboard, there is a circle in the same color as the rims of the laptop. Tapping an amiibo on it will spawn it on the desktop, and it will serve as sort of a desk buddy, and, when tapped, will activate a small game. They can also be used in games.

There is also a TV adapter which comes with the computer, which can connect to the TV and display whats on the computer screen on the tv.


Many games will be added put on to the shelves, many being ports of Nintendo Gem games.

Nintendo EShop

Miiverse 3.0

Add-On Products

While other stuff, like old ipod earbuds for the NinteBuds, they are done in a nintendo-style and are designed not only for convenience but for comfort.

Name Description Type Cost
NintePC Pillowcase A case which has a pillow-like form. When dropped, it will just fall like a pillow. Comes in white, red, blue and purple colors. Also, there are small pockets to store other Accesories in them on the sides. Case $8.00
NinteBuds Has all the feats of the normal ear buds, but also has an extending cord which can move where you want them. Accessory $10.99

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